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I am riding a mountain bike with 26" wheels for both short-track and 'cross. For 'cross I put on some Club Roost Cross Terra tires, and they seem fine for dry, bumpy conditions. But the rains are definitely coming to Oregon and I want to swap in a tire that will give me some more confidence in mud. The Cross Terra loses some of its grippy when things turn wet and muddy.

Anyone else out there racing on 26" wheels? What tires do you like for 'cross?

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For the first 3 races of her cyclocross experience, I took my wife's MTB, set some wheels up tubeless with Ritchey excavader 1.9" (folding bead, around 480 grams) and they not only did well as a tubless tire with the Mavic rim, they worked well for her on dry courses and in a semi muddy race. She's not a retentive gearhead like I am, so whatever I set her up with got a, "thanks honey, it worked excellent" review with not much other feedback.

INSERT SELF-SERVING PLUG HERE: I don't know if they still make those tires, but they were very light, skinny, fast (wifey won a local race on them), and you can probably still find some on ebay -OR- send me a note and I'll mail you two tires with 3 rides on them for $35... or $30 for you because I'm a giver, it's what I do.
Schwalbe makes a good 26" tire, seems like its about 35mm wide. Sorry, I don't remember what they're called.
Schwalbe CX Pro 26"x1.35". I liked them a lot. never had any issues.
Nothing wrong with racing an MTB. I just wish more MTB riders could see past the need for specific equipment and just ride.

Schwalbe Furious Fred 26" Tire is a 2.0. A little fat but nice!
Kenda Kwik: Very nice!!

I'm in the minority in that I heartily endorse those low-profile patterns for nearly all cx riding/racing.
I have to say that I really like riding and racing off-road on a MTB. I cannot see myself going to 700c wheels anytime soon. My bike, although a tiny bit small for me, is nimble and quick-handling (think BMX for big people!). I doubt I'd get the same effect on a roadie-style 'cross bike, and since I use the same bike for 'cross AND short track, it makes sense to stick with what I've got.

I went ahead and sprang for the Conti Cross Country tires (26 x 1.5), and installed them this week. At yesterday's 'cross practice, I found that the tires definitely felt more secure in deep mud (of which there will be plenty at this weekend's race). However, they also slowed me down just a little. I'm hesitant to swap in a large cog so close to the race, but I suspect that I may find it necessary for all the mud I'm sure to encounter this weekend. Anyway, the tires were a good choice. Thanks for all the recommendations.


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