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dark grey hard anodized.

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This isn't a ceramic model by chance?

unfortunately no, it is not

took some pics finally. As you can see, it's new and never been built, but been in a garage and moved around for a while so doesn't look pristine, but after one good 'cross ride a pristine one would look like this.


still have these? I am interested!!

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I do still have it, but it is only one rim. Your post seemed to infer plural. I do have a tubular tire I posted at the same time. Were you wanting the combo?

I actually only need 1, to replace a Helium rear, how much, and how can we work this?

what is your zip code and I'll figure out shipping cost

sorry for the delay, 54937, i didn't flake out, I didnt realize you responded, my fault.


no worries. I'll try to get a shipping cost today but may not get to it. Leaving town for a week tomorrow and lots to do

No rush, Have a great Week! Happy Independence Day!!!

Did you get a shipping quote to 54937?

sorry, got back Monday night and been catching up since. Got to find a box for it to get the combined weight.


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