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Does anyone know if we will be able to run 34's at Nationals this year. My mudders are 34's and I hate to replace them if I don't have to. Thanks.

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What category are you racing?
I was told by someone who claimed they contacted USA cycling and was told that all cat will band 34's at natinoals.
I've got an email into USA Cycling to try to get a clear answer and also the measuring method they plan to use.
They just use a block of wood (or steel) that is U shaped. It's 33mm wide. Your tire fits or it doesn't.

That's how they did it when >34mm tires were banned.
When measuring tires keep in mind at least in my experience with Challenge tubulars as the tires wear they become wider. Thus my new 34mm Fango's measure 33.0mm while a season worth of riding on a set from last year measure at 33.9mm at the same tire pressure. Thus your tires may measure fine now, but not at the end of the season. :-(
Yeah I've seen this as well - also depending on pressure and mounting method the width's change as well. And different wheels change things as well. Sux!
Here is USAC's response:

Hi Shane –

The UCI tire width regulation will be enforced at CX Nationals for all riders 17 years old and older. The procedures will be outlined and released in the competition guidebook and posted on the event website:


Kelli Lusk

National Events Director

USA Cycling

210 USA Cycling Point, Suite 100

Colorado Springs, CO 80919

phone: 719.434.4285

cell: 719.229.8568

fax: 719.434.4385


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