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I am building up a sort of monster-cross thing, singlespeed, with 700c tires as wide as I can run (I do not aspire to USAC or UCI races so I don't care about maximum widths). Other details: I will be running cantis or V-brakes; and the frame is a Pake C'muter with a shocking amount of clearance (it can run a 35 with fenders!). I know most of you swear by tubulars, but after researching option I decided that for now, I can't handle the cost OR the mess.

Sooooo --- Suggestions for good clincher tires in the 35-40 width range? If there was a 700c version of Continental's Cross Country [atb] tire I'd be there already, which should give you an idea of what I'm looking for: something that can handle the deep, gloppy mud of a typical Portland November. Thanks.

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Clinchers? The last time I mentioned clinchers to a 'cross racer (Sam Giles)he looked down his nose at me like I had crawled out from under a rock. Seriously, try Ritchey.

I know, I know. Friends "in the know" here are looking at me askance, too. But coming to this from BMX and short-track I want as fat a tire as I can run and the UCI be damned. Ergo, Clinchers.

Thanks for the tip, I'll check it out.

If you have the clearance try the IRD/ panaracer firecross for the most grip, kinda slow, tho. Some mount small block 8 in the back, that's  a faster tire. I felt the side knobs on the ritcheys can let go on pavement. (It hurt, too!)

For a bike like this, clinchers are definitely the way to go. You can definitely check out my Monstercross article in issue 10 of the magazine. I talk about various large tire choices there.


Which tire you go for is definitely somewhat dependent on your intended use for the bike. Mostly road? Mostly dirt? Even mix?


And are you limited to a 40, or is that just a range off the top of your head? There are a few choices in 42 or 45 that might do you ok, if you can fit them in the frame. And, of course, the actual size of the tires does not necessarily match the nominal size.


Off the top of my head: Ritchey SpeedMax (comes in a 40, I think). Panaracer Fire-something 45. The latter will handle mud better, I reckon, if you can fit it in the frame. I think there are also a few 38s that you could check out.

I'm trying to make this work on a Pake C'Mute frameset so I worry that it can't really take much bigger than about a 40. Thanks for the tips.



I guess it depends on where you are going. I have the Ritchey Speedmax's in the 40c width and I really like them as long as it doesn't get real muddy or slippery. I also have the 45c Panaracer Fire Cross tires which are fantastic in loose, mud and snow but A)pretty slow on pavement, and B) won't fit your frame anyway.  I won a Bontrager LT3 which, while a "budget" tire aimed at Hybrid bikes, is a 38c with a deep tread. Looks like it'd work great for a multi-use monstercross'er but I haven't used it yet. I've also just started using some Conti Speed Kings that a friend gave me (who went with tubulars). They work great in the snow so far and pretty well in loose/soft dirt. However they do seem to wear quickly on pavement. Maxxis Locust are not bad unless you get to mud. They are a standard, 35c width. Roll pretty well on pavement, grip well on off-camber dirt and grass. 


And don't sweat the clincher/tubular debate.  I'm with you. I don't see the results from myself to warrant the investment in wheels, tires, etc. let alone the time spent with gluing tires. 

In the print edition of CX Magazine (#10, I think) they had a write-up on monstercrossers, Sasha wrote it (as he stated earlier) and points out a few more choices.

Also, the new Contintal Speed comes in a 40c size as well, a pretty standard pipistrello tread in a nice wide size. However, Conti's tend to run a bit on the narrow side so they may work well for you.

Clement PDX 34's kill! Absolutely smoking tire with tons of grip yet still rolls fast. It has received rave reviews and is often tough to find. Sure, I would love to have multiple sets of tubular wheels adorned with Dugasts, Challenge, Tufos or whatever the cool people run...but I do not really give a shat. I am not doing any UCI rated racing so eff it.
Hellybelly, I am glad to hear that. I was eyeing the PDXs, I want to run something other than the bog-standard Challenge Grifos, Dugast Rhinos or Mich Muds and the PDXs look like it.


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