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$85- Sun Vista/ formula campy tubular wheelset
Rear Campagnolo compatible hub

Sun Vista Cruiser Rim 28 hole rear wheel
Formula Campy splined rear hub
2.0g spokes laced 3x

Sun Vista Cruiser Rim 24 hole front wheel
Formula Campy splined rear hub
2.0g spokes laced 2x

It is used, but you can hardly tell. The person I bought them from (I primarily wanted the tires mounted on the set) said they only had about 50 miles on them. They must not have had to brake much because there are just a few faint scuffs on the brake surface. They currently have a set of Tufo Dry Plus mounted on them (looks like tufo tape only), which I will throw in for $50. Tires look near new as well. I thought I would give file treads a try, but decided I would rather just stick with knobbies.
$25- 105/ Mavic Mach 2 front wheel
The wheel is a Mavic Mach2 rim, laced to a 105sc front hub. 32 straight gauge spokes (I can't tell if they are 14 or 15s), laced 3 cross.

It currently has a tire mounted to it that I was going to remove, but for an extra $15 it's yours. The tire is an older TUFO. It's just marked "Cyclocross" but the tread pattern seems to be the same as the current Elite LPS models. The sizing wasn't marked, but it's narrower than some of my other tires, so I am assuming it is either a 30 or 28.


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I'd like that campy set if they are still for sale.  Do the tires look to be in good condition.

Shot me an email at ermclist at gmail dot com.



Thanks, I've sent you a PM with some pics of the tire to check out. 


Very interested - unles they're sold. Where are you? your name sounds familiar, but who knows. So you have one matched set of wheels for $85, with a campy hub  and a single front for $25?

The Campy hub accepts 9-10 speed cassettes?


they haven't sold yet and I haven't heard anything back in a day or so from the last person who was interested.  If I don't hear back in a day or so, and you are still interested, we'll give it a go.

So to clarify...

Wheelset (front and rear) $85

The hubs are Formula, but have a Campy compatible freehub.  I know it can use a 10sp cassette as one was mounted on it when I bought them, but I can't say one way or the other on 9sp (not that familiar with Campy).

The single wheel (105sc hub/Mavic Mach2 rim) is $25.

Just let me know if you are interested in just the wheels or if you want the tires too.



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