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Cycling shoes ain't the best for running, but we gotta do it. I've noticed recently, however, that my ankles are a bit achey after CX training (running barriers, etc.). Should I be concerned? Or, do I just need to toughen up?

Excercises? Stretches?


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Start slow, ease into it. Don't shock the system if you haven't been doing it. Take note as you don't want injuries or weird stuff to last through the season. Keep an eye on it, massage-ice-pamper thyself. Not a good idea to train through injuries or soreness.
For joint soarness I like to take glucosamine. EmercenC makes a pretty good one called joint health.
I'd suggest to anyone that is having ankle issues to go and see a podiatrist. I suffered with ankle and foot problems for years. Things got progressively worse until I thought I might have to give up running. Quick visit with the doc and a set of orthotics later and all is well.
OK - from the PT/Sports Trainer folks:
(assuming you're healthy...)

Basically, toughen up!

1. Run more (duh) - running more will strengthen surrounding ankle muscles and condition them for varied terrain. Use trail running shoes (not cycling shoes) for longer sessions.
2. Do ankle-strengthening exercises - Such as, sitting, w/leg extended, writing the alphabet in the air with your big toe (repeat, etc.). Doing this utilizes all the ankle muscles - laterally, up/down, etc. More exercises found here -
3. Continue to practice CX running requirements - barriers, dis/re-mounts, etc.

Ankles will strengthen with time.
Also, be sure to warm-up adequately and gently stretch afterwards.

All this sounds like common sense, but as cyclists we don't often think much about the particular demands of running and ankle muscle development. Ask any experienced runner (especially trail runner), and they will confirm the special demands off-road terrain places on ankle muscles. This is no different for CX participants. Just have to condition ankle muscles like everything else.

I've been doing these things and it works.
Try running barefoot on grass or sand (in the summer, obviously) or possibly look into shoes like the Nike Free or similar that encourage ankle strength.

I don't really know what I'm talking about but those things work for me.


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