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This is my first post here at CX magazine so thank you to the admin's for approving me. 2011-2012 is my first year cross racing, but i've been a bike rider for many years. I have pretty good bike handling skills but have been working on CX specific training with a couple of friends who are roadies and mtbr's, but started cross racing last year.


We're were working on some tight off-camber turns saturday when my back tire repeatedly slipped away from me (enough to send me to the ground each time). My buddy said he was afraid that would happen due to the vittoria cross xg pro's that came with my ridley X-Bow.


I'm a 200lb gym rat (so lots of muscle) and he said that a guy my size might have problems with lots of tires b/c the tread won't grip under my weight and leg strength.


So here's my question...


What are some good tires TO RUN TUBELESS on alex dc19 rims and will tend to slip less under my 200lbs? I will NOT be setting up multiple wheelsets this season (and don't wanna have to reseal multiple tires depending on conditions), so i'd love some help finding a tire that will perform well in many conditions.


So far i've read that the kenda slant six, wtb cross wolf, and michelin mud 2's may be a good option for me (though the edge tread on the latter seems like it may not grab enough for my size).

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Assuming that you don't care about the UCI's tire width rules:


I'm with the Hutchison Bulldog crowd - good all around tire.

Ritchey Speedmax Cross in 35C would be decent (40C would be sick).

Kenda Karma 29er in 1.9" would be just nasty and probably make your buddies cry.

Then there's the Panaracer Fire Cross in 45C; it’s actually created from fire and brimstone - a truly monstrous tire, not for the faint of heart! 


Good luck :)

Looks like EVERYONE recommends "Michellin Mud 2's and ______". Since the Mud 2's are on everyone's list (both here and at roadbikereview's cx forum), i think i'll run those tube tied this year and explore tubular and tubeless options in the off season.


Thanks for everyone's feedback!

I second the Clement PDX, wholeheartedly. I am 195 lbs and ride like a bear with a bad attitude. I ran them all last year and have no desire to run anything else. They are a bargain, roll plenty fast, they blow the doors off the Mud 2 and grip like no tomorrow. Treefort Bikes has the 34's (not a big deal since you are not chasing UCI points yet) in stock. Go buy them now, then go ride.
thanks for the recommendation! I see they come in wire and folding bead....but what's the difference?
The wires are heavier, stiffer and harder to mount...unless that kind of thing turns you on get the folding.
cool. thanks!

Bumping this thread (great discussion)...I'm a 220# noob clydesdale getting into CX and working on handling at my local MTB trails (just moved to NH). So far I've run Specialized Trigger Sports down at 20psi with OEM tubes with no issues. I just ran my Tracer Pros today at 35psi. I think it all went solid except for my own lack of skill up steep rooty climbs that left me in the bushes on my a$$. YMMV


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