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So just thinking aloud here... I was working on my cross bike (with discs) and staring at a pair of 29er wheels I have hanging on the wall being ignored.   Got me to thinking... Am I crazy for trying these on the cross bike?  Here's the kicker though... they're 28mm wide... stupid idea?  Running cross tires BTW

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you're not crazy at all.  the front wheel, provided it's not through-axle should work fine. you'll have a funky, high volume tire- I'd choose the biggest cx tire you can find so the shape isn't super flat.

the rear spacing, if both 135mm should work well too. just make sure your rotors are the same size, right? 

snap a few pics, we'd like to see the result, esp of the cx tire on the big rime.

I have been thinking about doing that too. I have a super wide rim,American classic Race 29. I wasn't sure what tire would work and how it would ride. This is a tubeless ready rim so I'm guessing a tubless cross tire would work?love to hear more thoughts about this!

hey guys,

tubeless ready for mtb typically doesn't translate that well to cx because of the difference in volume, and sometimes tubeless ready means ready for mtb tubeless tires, which often is a different bead.  give it a careful whirl, but you may need to build up the rim with a rim strip still - or tape.

good luck!

I used two different sets of mt bike wheels last season - American Classics 29er disc that I put in Stan's tape, valve stem, and sealant as well as Easton EA90 XC UST 29er wheels that I also ran tubeless. Used Hutchinson Bulldogs that were a bear to mount (stretch) but sealed solidly and I didn't flat with them all season. I race in SoCal where it's dry and there are a lot of goatheads (nasty multi-pronged thorns). Also experimented and successfully used Specialized tubeless cx tires, Michelin Jet and Mud 2. All worked fine. No issues. Disadvantage for weight weenies perhaps but my bike was about 18.5 lbs (Specialized Crux with SRAM Force) and I really enjoyed having braking power when I needed it. Stan's makes a new wheelset specifically for cx/disc bikes now - Iron Cross. Just bought a pair and was able to use a floor pump to seal Michelin Mud 2 tires. Haven't ridden them yet, but they have not lost any air just sitting in the garage for two weeks now.

Any thoughts/review of the iron cross? Looking for more opinion about them but it's scarce.

Last season I did 11 races on a Stans 355 29er rim (has brake tracks for canti's) 25mm. I do believe it made tires a little wider than they would be. Like a 33 to a 35 etc.. I used the clement pdx tubeless and the Hutchinson piranha tubeless.... NO ISSUES all season. 

Good luck! 

Yeah, similar experience, we're big tubeless fans here and its loudest proponents for sure. we think it's an ideal setup for many people. Just to be clear, I was commenting on the 28mm wide rim, and whether Lorri could use the rims without any tape or strip with success.  Tire selection will be a big variable here.

Good luck!  Soon we need to do part 4 of our tubeless series. 

Thanks guys, that helps a lot. I might try some cross tires on my 29'er rims before race season starts and see how they do. The Stans Iron Cross might be a better option since they are narrower. Very good price point too!

I think I may just give it a go....  probably set it up with tubes first to see the fit and ride ... then maybe tubeless at some point...

I spoke with someone at Stans on the phone not long ago. Since I was looking for a 28H option of the Crest rim.  He thought the Crest was a better choice than the Iron Cross ( I was surprised he said this, since you would think he would want to help sell the new stuff ) Anyway he said the crest was lighter and better. Only difference is the taller rim for the Iron Cross.  

What are the widths on those? (Frankly too lazy to look it up)

As am I! They are not 28mm. Aright I give in, ill look!! haha now you look!


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