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So just thinking aloud here... I was working on my cross bike (with discs) and staring at a pair of 29er wheels I have hanging on the wall being ignored.   Got me to thinking... Am I crazy for trying these on the cross bike?  Here's the kicker though... they're 28mm wide... stupid idea?  Running cross tires BTW

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You're the best... I owe you one!  lol

So I just did a "quick" set up check to see how they'd look....

Rims are some 28mm Bonti Dusters (think Rhythms).  The previous wheels I'm using are Cane Creek Zonos 29er disc wheels that measure in at 21mm's.   Tires are Bonti Jones Cross 34 mm.  I used tubes for right now.

The casing on the CC wheels came in at 32 mm at about 42 psi... measured on the 28mm Bonti rims was a tad larger, but really negligible.   But to my eye, they do look "fuller".

Not sure what to think but I may mess around with these wheels for now and see how they work.  I'll report back....

So I did two rides (cross work out and a rail trail) this week end on my Airborne using the 28mm 29er wheels and I noticed a few things:

-Defiantly a rounder shape that gave me a slightly better contact patch.

-I did find that at the psi's i typically run, I got the feeling of the rear tire wanting/seeming to roll on me in some hard turns. Not sure why but kind of unsettling (ran them with tubes)

-Definately noticed/saw front wheel flex when applying the discs compared to other wheels I've run... weird with the wider rim.

Probably not going to pursue this much longer... Not worth the tire roll risk and these hubs have an aluminum freehub body and frankly I'm too cheap to buy a nicer cassette that won't chew up the aluminum.



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