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At your local cyclocross races this season, had any bikes/ brands seemed especially popular?

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No one brand stood out. Except for Alan, but there's an Alan team local. Otherwise, it's wide open.

As an addendum, there were a noticable amount of Fetish frames, but I think that is because Fetish used to supply frames to Ohio State riders... or because you could get the frames dirt cheap off of eekBay this year just before 'cross season.

However, I am happy to be the only guy to have a Mongoose Croix. The other bike I race more, and like alot, but they blew me off totally on our fundriaser so I'm not inclined to give them much more exposure.

Here in Chicago, I see lots of Ridleys and Cannondales.
tons of Specialized Crux series in the South/Central
Watching this over the years it seems to go as a seasonal trend (not sure if the pattern is pricing, sponsorship, or just new model/color scheme based).  One year everyone shows up with Redlines, then next year Konas, next Ridleys, bianchis...  This past season the popular bike not surprisingly was the Specialized Crux line due to it being the new exciting bike.  That said each year the variety of bikes showing up has become more and more diverse with more companies building them.
This year the bike to ride was the bike that you could get ahold of. I work occasionally at a small shop, and this year our big suppliers, and secondary ones, had zero bikes in the states. For whatever reason, bikes didn't start becoming available until the season was underway.
I saw an awful lot of Specialized this year in SoCal...


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