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Greetings All! I'm sorry to post another discussion regarding wheels & tires. However, I can not locate exactly what I am looking for.

I have a pair of Mavic Aksium, possibly not the best for 'cross but it is what I currently have, that I would like to try tubeless. Has anyone had any luck running these tubeless? And if so, what set-up did you use, including conversion kit and tire(s)? If this is not feasible, then I can run latex tubes and/or powder the heck out of my tubes and tires.

Further, if you could get any wheel-set under $500 to run tubeless, what would you use? 

Again, sorry if this is a repeat discussion and can be accessed elsewhere. Thanks to all in advance for any help! 

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Have you had a problem with pinch flats? I would recommend to stay away from tubeless. Run Latex and enjoy the ride until you can get a tubular set.
I ran tubeless for two years with NO issues using Stan' rims. I suggest you look at their website for recommendations on rim and tire combinations that work. I have always stuck with their tire/rim combos for mountain biking and never had issues. Their discussion board is pretty helpful. Good luck
Last year I ran Ksyrium SL's w/ no rim strip, Hutchinson tires, Stan's sealant and did not have one flat the whole season last year. This year I am running Shimano Ultegra 6700 tubeless compatible rims w/ the same tires. You can find the 6700 wheels for under $400. @Kurtis, no disrespect but why would you recommend staying away from tubeless? What is your experience?
Burped like a gassy sailor. My rim combo may not have been as solid, but I love my tubular set up. You can get into a tubular set up for an economical price point.
Thanks for the advice. Ideally I will invest in a couple of tubular set-ups, but this may have to wait until next year. I may experiment with tubeless; but I have actually had decent luck with clinchers and tubes regarding no pinch flats.

Another question: anyone have knowledge or experience with Tufo's tubular clincher tires? They seem like an interesting idea, however I have not located any reviews to judge them by.


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