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I probably won't get any but can anyone recommend a cheap Kenda or Maxxis (not cheap but good deals to be had) for CX racing in Maine. There are only 2 races in the state, and both are hours away. Traveling out of state just to do a CX race is unreasonable. Right now I have a nice set of Schwalbe Marathon Cross tires. They are great tires, but I notice the weight and 38c size. Although a kid on the phone at the bike shop putting on one of the races told me that I wouldn't notice the difference in tires. What do you guys think? Personally after 15 years of riding, racing, and commuting, and 11 years of motorcycle riding I have come to the conclusion that I am very sensitive to setup. However, I am slow as heck on both. :D Either way, really, I could do a race on my Schwalbe's.

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im new to the whole cyclocross worl but i got a pair of cheap kena kwiks that seem to be of in the new england area..
I did my first race in gloucester wich was a totally rainy muddy disaster but i dont really remember them slippin out...
Check em out they were pretty cheap 25 a piece or so ..
Kenda Kommandos and the Maxxis Larsen Mimo are pretty sweet tires. Mimo on front and Kommando on back is a pretty solid set-up in all but the muddiest conditions.
Nice. Thanks.
I have had good luck with both the Raze and the Small Block 8, although I think both tires are better suited for drier conditions... Small Block 8 for sure, and I personally don't think the Raze is the best option in the mud either, but certainly better.
get a set of mich. muds for for $33 each, done and done.
I second the Kenda kwiks in a 30c in nearly all conditions. They would have a buyer in me if they made then in 700x28c

I'm on the hunt for an even smoother tread with side blocks, narrower (28c) and overall lighter clincher, but the Kwick is a good buy.
I'll third the kwiks. They're a solid, pretty cheap tire. I have a set on my spare wheels.
If conditions and weather are variable, and you only get one set of tires, the Mimmo seems to be a pretty good most-conditions tire, IMO. The Small Block 8 is definitely not a mud tire.
I liked the locust a lot for drier training, along with small block 8. the kommando was a fast tire, great except for the slopiest days. we didn't care for the kwik at all in our tests. grab a CXM Issue 3 if you get a chance...all those tires are reviewed in there.
I usually use Vittorio, but had to by a set of Kenda Kwik in a pinch. Will let everyone know how it goes this weekend.
Ok Two races, two flats. Not sure I am liking these tires. Get what you pay for. Going to see if I can find some Vits this week.
the michelin muds are a good option for one tire for all conditions. I like the Maxxis raze as well. The mimos only seem to work in completely dry conditions. The raze actually handle ok in the least what we have here in Georgia. the small block will not work in the mud. They are light, but has to be dry. The Raze is pretty light as well.


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