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So I had been all set to go tubular this season and was one click away from buying a setup with Record hubs and Reflex rims . Then by chance I stumbled upon a set of Campy Zonda, 2 way fit wheels for roughly the same price. And after perusing the various tubeless discussions here, I started to warm up to the perceived flexibility of a tubeless setup on clinchers - particularly ones designed to be run tubeless.


First question is, does anyone have any experience running tubeless on campy's 2 way fit wheels?


Or second, should I just stick with the original plan and get the tubulars?


Thanks for any insight!

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I currently have both Mavic Reflex rims laced to DUra Ace hubs, and a set of Fulcrum Racing 3 2-way fit wheels.  I was thinking the same thing about using the Fulcrums for CX and read somewhere that the road tubeless rims were not a good width for the wider CX tubeless tires and the desired low pressures or could have been the height of the sidewall.  Does anyone have any further information?  I'll see if I can locate where I read this information.  By the way switching from clinchers to tubulars for CX was like night and day.  You will not regret it.

In response to what Tim says below, I rode Dura-Ace tubeless wheels all last season with Michelin muds set up Tubeless and I didn't have an issue at all.  This season I have some Stans tubeless wheels that I'm excited to put to work, haven't set them up yet.

To me, there are benefits to both. Tubular vs tubeless.

Me personally, I'll still to tubeless.

Tubular you need to commit to having more than one set of wheels, or sacrifice performance in some conditions.  There are some tires that are good most of time, but never all of the time. Depends on your goals.

The tubular wheels are ultimately lighter.

You can run lower pressures, and get amazing cornering performance.


But, if you'll entertain the idea of tubeless, KEEP the wheels you've been using, and set them up tubeless.  You can convert ANY clincher road wheel to tubeless.  You can even (most likely) use the tires you have been using. 

I would try the conversion first, give it 3-4 rides to dial in tire pressure and the like, and see what you think.  If you don't dig it, there's a whole world of options out there.

That's great to hear your tubeless set up worked well.  I plan on running both this year based on conditions and hopefully I will have positive results.  The tubeless are definitely less hassle and expense when you take into account the mounting and supplies.  Just picked up new Grifo's with tape, glue, and sealant which was 200+.  I wouldn't give up the cornering achieved by tubulars but I am looking forward to trying some different tread patterns on the tubeless.

Good points guys.


I'll be running tubeless for my first year of cx and a back up pair of Kysrium SL w/Grifo Pro rubber.


The only concern is wheel durability as most of the guys I speak with who race carbon 40 or 50mm tubular wheels claim you can really pound on the wheels and they stay truer longer than using a box section wheel and normal butted spokes; the deeper profile wheels having shorter spokes and higher spoken tension.


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