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I'm in the market for a new cross specific wheel set to use as my race setup.  I was originally set on a carbon tubular setup.

However the LBS is really pushing tubeless.  They have a set of Ultegra 6700 tubeless ready rims in their shop.  They look pretty sweet, but that said I have some concerns.

Obviously there's the burping issue.  I've done some reading and the consensus is unless you're running a cross specific rim (stans?), that trying to run a cross tire on a tubeless road rim is asking for trouble.  The carbon beads on the hutchisons help the issue slightly, but you're still running the risk of burping at lower pressures (which is why I'm trying to move away from clinchers to being with, to run lower pressures.)

Second is wheel durability.  The spoke count on the 6700's are pretty low.  16f/20r I believe.  I'm 160lbs on race day.  

I've searched around this forum and others, and most say that if the cross world was ready for tubeless, we'd see it more on the pro tour - but we don't, so that's indicative of something.

That said, I'm wondering if there are any new experiences now that the season has wrapped up (for most of us).

Your insight would be very helpful.  Thanks!

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Yep, I just orders some new 32 hole 340s rims for custom build and they sent a little zip-lock full of them. They might be optional, I did not check the invoice, but I used them since I eat cheeseburgers every Thursday night...

I bought Stans Comp Rims at the beginning of the season, no burp issues but would lose spoke tension of the drive side after every ride (whole other story).  I switched to Mavic Kysrium Elites with Stans cyclocross conversion kit and haven't had a single problem.


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