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Now that disc brakes are allowed in CX, but the majority of us have non-disc frames I was wondering if anyone is running a disc setup only on the front (say a Wound Up disc fork with a BB7 brake)?  It seems fairly easy (if you have the $$) and you get all the stopping power where you need it the most.


What say the masses?

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Sounds like more of a commuter setup than a race setup. No offense, I'd rather get the mini v-brakes than disc, wheel set compatibility is limited unless you have a custom laced one.
I was thinking of doing the same but couldn't find a disk hub for my low spoke count tubulars.  I opted for the CX-9 mini v brakes and love the shudder free stopping power.  It doesn't look as sexy but my ugly bike will out brake any canti out there.  It's worth the weight and lack of style.
Vuelta makes a wheel that you can use with both rim and disk brakes. I can't remember the model right off hand but they are fairly light for alloy and hold up well off road. I run disk front and canti rear on the trails. Don't know abt serious racing on them tho...

Thanks for the replies.  I've been doing some research and the crux seems to be the fork (or at least one that's not 600+g) and the combined weight of all the components put together (fork, disc specific rim and hub, higher spoke count, and the disc brake itself) becomes hefty in a hurry.  Most front 29'er rims with 100mm hub spacing should work on a CX setup and rims like Enve's 29 XC would probably be fantastic CX wheels - with or without disc brakes.  Felt's disc prototype FX2

looks rather interesting and uses 135mm rear spacing for 29er rims, but I still think that a CX bike would do fine with just a disk up front and either a canti or mini-v in the rear; plus I could keep my frame.  As the big boys start making disc specific forks and the weight of the entire enchilada comes down it will be a hard fact to ignore that we are using hand- me-down 90's Mt bike technology.  I remember when the purists were arguing against Rock shocks :)


Racing aside - I ride my CX bike on more single track than anything else and the idea of being able to scrub speed when things get steep, muddy and the consequences a little more dire than breaking through caution tape is very intriguing.  For now I'll stick to my Ultimates (although those mini-v 8.4's look very enticing) and sit back and watch where this disc thing goes.  


Happy riding everyone!!


This year I'm going with mini V's up front and and canti's rear. The disc brakes that I saw used last year (organizer didn''t give a damn) we're destroyed by the mud and had to be completely rebuilt...saw this on more than one occasion.
 I've thought about the same setup (TRP's 8.4 up front).  How's the mud clearance with your mini-v's?  I was thinking that you could add an inline barrel adjuster to gain some more clearance when everything gums up.

Thanks for the heads-up on rebuilding the disc brakes.  I was wondering how they would hold up in the goo compared to their hydraulic big brothers.  Maybe that's why TRP's mechanical to fluid conversion thingy is finding its way onto the prototype CX disc bikes. 



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