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i'm wondering if anyone has made the switch for cross? suggestions on what cranks to go with?

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Vs what on your other bikes? For what reason?

i found an old crank that happened to be 165, i've used it for commuting /long distance rides/ low gear spinning, i race single speed CX and i was definitely considering running with the same crank arm length. IDK if 5 mm will make the difference, but  i think it could be worthwhile.......on the flip side, i know guys out west who run 175, it's all a crap shoot sometimes....go with the lightest and strongest in your price range

i've been running 170 on my other bikes, but i'm only 5'2 and have been contemplating going shorter bc i find them uncomfortable. just wondering if losing the 5mm of lever length will make a difference, or if i'll really need it in cx

I think it's fine to experiment, certainly. That's not a big difference. On the other hand, if you find 170's uncomfortable I'm not sure simply shorter cranks are going to address the issue. But it's a small experiment so it's worth trying.

You won't really have any change in leverage. It's a geared bike and the difference is so small it won't have much effect.

Yep. I run 165 SRAM red with a 48/34 and an 11/28 for everything (CX, road, mountain, touring...) and find the length very comfortable, easier on my knees and more efficient for hill climbs.
IMHO. I wouldn't change too much from my normal crank length if at all, serious knee damage possible
There are two schools of thought here. One is, as some eluded to, that the longer lever helps you push the gear over. The other is that a shorter crank arm is easier to spin. I guess it may depend on what sort of rider are you? If more of a spinner, then 165 may be the way to go.

My personal preference is that I'm still undecided.


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