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I have Blue CXC that I obviously use for cross. My current road bike is too small. Instead of going out and buying a new road bike, just curious if anyone rides their cross bike year round or even races it? The CXC has a bit more road geometry but obviously a longer wheelbase (which my Specialized Ruby has too). I know it has Cantis ... this may be a stupid question but can you swap brakes out to calipers for the "off season"?


Thanks in advance.

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Ok, I realize I can't swap the brakes now...
I'm not a full-time road racer, but I ride my Cross bike pretty much year round and at crits during the summer. I've also seen a couple others with their cross bikes out as well. No need to switch the brakes. My only suggestion would be to get a bigger cog set up front to better compete with those roadies. Your bike may not be as light and carbon based, but just smile as you pass them thinking how much money you just saved.

I also suggest you read Tim J's recent Q&A article, he touched a bit on this subject as well and supports the use of the Cross bike year round.
What type of road race? Yes, you can. I agree with Terry that if you are running a smaller chain ring set up (46-34 or 48-36) that it may put you at a disadvantage, but leg speed is what really counts. You can switch out just your chain rings pretty easily and even a compact 50-34 would work for road and cross. Calipers do stop better, but again how critical is that meaning are you going to be slamming on the brakes or just using them to slow down? A nice set of wheels/tires will serve you much better than a super light road-specific frame. I've seen plenty of cyclists on very old frames using very old components in fast group rides, crits, and circuit races who do just fine. That means only one thing - it's the rider and not the bike. We all (yes, me included) get caught up in all of the latest/greatest technology looking for an edge when perhaps learning how to train smarter (and then actually doing the training) is what will make us better cyclists. Most of all, enjoy and have fun no matter what rig is under your saddle.
Thanks for the input. I should have mentioned that I was planning on swapping out my 46 for a 50 and then I'd have pretty much the same gearing I have on my road bike (actually better). My cross bike is actually so much lighter than my road bike, is carbon, and it fits! I agree on the brake thing, I better not be grabbing a handful of brake in any race! I think I'm going to give it a try to save some $ rather than buying a different sized road bike.
I also just want to become super-comfy on the cross bike since it's my main focus.
Well you certainly can, however I had to for a few races and whether it was in my mind or not I did feel at a slight disadvantage. I raced it in two circuit races. It stayed in the 50 ring but the cassette wasn't close enough for the subtle changes in speed.
I also used it on some mixed terrain sportives and again fell behind on fast flat road sections.
Though we do see some good National riders have a pop at local road events on their cross bikes and proceed to destroy the field.
I ride a compact on the road so it's no different for me than my current setup. I was going to change the cassette and have a separate set of wheels to get more gearing.
Hell yes, after my last heart surgery I sold my beloved Lapierre to make a mortgage payment, so I swapped out my 46 and put on a 53 chainring, and now the C-dale CX9 is a very much capable roadie, plan on doing a crit in August! Good luck and save a couple bucks for a new wheelset instead.
I have indeed raced a cross bike in a crit here in belgium. And while you cant swap the brakes out i had no problems. I used aluminum rims and decent pads (very grippy) and didnt even notice. As for the gearing, i have typical cross gearing - 46/12 and the only time i felt really screwed was in the sprint - and i can pedal at a very high cadence but even so. but this was also a pro womens crit in belgium which means they are all sprint specialists in this flat-ish land. I also have a pro cyclocross male friend who has been using his cross bike for road racing this season while he waited for his road bike to arrive.
I'm going to save myself some $$ and use it since it will make me more comfortable on it for cross season. I have no sprint anyway so no worries there!


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