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I am looking into switching from HR based training to power and like the price of the IBike powermeter. It looks like lots of people have had success with it but I haven't seen anything yet specific for cyclocross. Does anyone use this product either effectively to train for cross? Thanks in advance.

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save your money. it is not worth it in general. futhermore the power data from 'cross races s not worth very much [either during the race or after] so there's another reason to skip a powermeter that is basically taking a guess.
My understanding of how the Ibike worked was using altitude changes, wind, movement/speed to "calculate" power than actually "measuring" power output. I assume this works on the road but off road IE cyclocross the variations in wheel resistance between mud, grass, dirt and pavement would render it basically useless.
I have an iBike and I use it on the road, but it's also on my bike for CX. I agree with Chris. The power data is basically worthless for CX.

By the time the unit registers power in a race, you're off the gas to make a turn.

The only time it's good is on your sprint.


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