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So I got some nice looking new Challange Grifo Clinchers -- the so called tubular clinchers.

I presume the sidewalls are essentially the same as the tubulars.

Does it make sense to put aqua seal on them? Has anyone done this?

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i think it does - it's basically to protect the threads from rot and bad stuff like that. challenge doesn't particularly proactively recommend treatments but dugast recommends aqua sure for their tubies.
It's my understanding that challenge doesn't need treatments as much because they are made from polyester casings. They are less susceptible to rot than the cotton cased dugasts, which do tend to rot.
that's true actually - they opens are polyester threads now, not poly-cotton or silk. i guess threads are less susceptible to rot, but perhaps there are benefits to prevent de-lamination and protect the threads from abrasion. we'll try to get challenge to weigh in here.
Thanks for the response,

It would be fantastic to hear directly from Challenge.

Aquaseal does sound like a good idea, at least to prevent delamination.
If it was to prevent rot, wouldn't you want to apply it to the inside (backside) of the clincher as well?

There seems to be something on the sidewalls already. Not sure what it is. Here's a photo:


I have the aquaseal tubes but unless Challenge suggests it, I probably wont put it on the tires. My time is limited, I choose clinchers for their ease of use. Just wanna mount them and go!

That said, I would hate to see something like this:
Source: Everything Askance


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