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does anyone have any experience with the liquid version with the dauber VERSUS the cream that comes in the tubes?


like these:

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I like this is water based (aqueous urethane)...easy to clean up...dries to a clear matte finish. It goes on a lot thinner that aquaseal...easier to manage.

i know - but liquid aqauseal is painfully easy to apply too.

i wanted to know if, once it's all on (the one liquid versus the cream), are the results and protection similar atmo?


liquid Urethane is the way to go. I use Tent sure.

i guess, so far - no one has used the two types of aquaseal and can draw a comparison atmo.


I have used aquaseal in the tubes and have found that it gets a little lumpy and a little thick. Also, water tends to get under the edges. The liquid tent sure goes on thin and needs two or three coats but it goes on smooth almost like it soaks in. I did not do a comparison between to the two but I will be using the Tent Sure again. It does seem to protect better but may need to be reapplyed. I will be reapplying it on my sidewalls this year although, they still look good, I want to make sure its still has good sealing protection. 



i am going to try the liquid w/ dauber. on some trial runs, it dries differently than the tube gel i have been used to. the gel is a complete waste of time to apply because it's so like molasses, but even more stubborn wrt spreading around. i don't have the energy or patience for it anymore. the upside is that it looks great when done. the liquid version seems to need multiple layers in order to even begin approaching the glass-case like surface that i associate with the sealer. but at least the apps are fast and no-mess atmo.

i am still interested to hear if others have tried both types of the aquaseal.

How about this:


Liquid Aquaseal

What is the difference between Liquid Aquaseal® with dauber and Aquaseal® creme?

Both products are made of the same ingredients, but formulated differently. They both waterproof and condition leather. The crème contains more wax, which helps it to last longer in the leather whereas the liquid has more conditioning oil and silicone oil. The liquid is also a little quicker and easier to apply since it has the dauber.

When would you recommend the creme and when would you recommend the liquid?

Use the creme when maximum waterproofing is essential. It will also provide terrific conditioning. Use the liquid when convenience is desired due to the dauber applicator. The liquid is especially appropriate for Gore-Tex® footwear since it allows maximum breathability. Even though Gore-Tex® boots are waterproof, the leather outer will likely need periodic maintenance.


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