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Just trying to get a feel

I am 100% tubular for road and CX race but how many people do you think still use clincher tires (percentage)?


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I ride clinchers.  I commute 25 mi. per day and don't want expensive flats.   I love my Vittoria Cros Pro XN.  Besides, we have thorn problems here for summer training and  I don't even want to think what that would have cost n flatted tubulars

I'd say it is a pretty high percentage.  Not that many folks can afford a dedicated race wheelset, so I'd assume the majority of folks racing CX are on clinchers.  I use both.  I have 1 tubular set that has an all-around tire on it.  The clinchers come in handy when you need different tread types.  It isn't ideal, but I can't afford 3 sets of tubular wheels with different treads.  

In my neck of the woods, clinchers are near or at 100%. I was the only one on tubulars 2 years ago and that was only for 'cross. Those of us willing to pour money into CX equipment have moved to tubeless (including me), because that's what we use on our mountain bikes. Our road scene is next to non-existent, so people just use tubes there.

We love our 'cross, but don't do tubulars.

Good info. Thx guys

I am nearly 100% tubular as well for road/cx.  I train on them and commute on them too, no issues.  I have recently built up a set of the wider alloy clinchers, mainly for use in gravel-grinder type events where you need to be able to be self-supported and change the tube or else you have a long way home!

I borrowed a friend's tubulars last year and loved them, so I built some alloy tubulars a few months ago. I've been training on them and plan to race on them.

I used a road width rim last weekend for a team race (14mm inner) and flatted within the first 10 minutes. If you do go clincher, try a wider rim (but not Velocity A23...they are soft and I bent one out of shape in half of a 'cross season).

I agree about the Velocity A23s.  I was told that the newer American made version that is more compatible with a tubeless setup would work great when I was building a set at my LBS.  I have them built 32h 3x on Shimano 105 hubs (which are a great bang for your buck) and I have to true the rims after every other ride on fire roads.  I am likely switching the hubs to the new HED Belgium C2+ rims that are almost 25mm wide and tubeless ready when they are more widely available.

I use clinchers because that's what came on my bike.
I also agree with the low cost, as I also commute in my bike, and swap on road tires for the occasional shop club ride.

Thx again guys.  I am in the cycling tire import/export business (Art Vandelay type :-) in addition to racing so I will stock up on CX clinchers\tubes as well as tubies.


Martin, what's your business?  We also are big proponents of tubeless in addition to tubulars for another option to go lower pressures at a lower cost and more tread options (and easier ability to change treads for courses).

Limited inventory (it's not my primary gig).  Primairly Schwalbe, Conti and ocassional Veloflex and Vitto plus higher end shoes from Sidi and Gaerne.  Schwalbe RaRas and RoRos are awesome in the MTB world and the word is that they rock in CX too.  No tubeless offering from Schwalbe in CX thou.  I have some leftovers from late last season (2013 models) and will be bringing more: both RaRas and RoRos Evo in clincher and tubular.

Nice prices on Sidi shoes, Martin. Just checked out your website.  A lot of items are marked out of stock though.  Do you have plans to get more in anytime soon?


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