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I have limited money and looking for a new rear wheel. An Akium and an Open Pro with Ultegra hub are about the same price through performance. Any suggestions about which one is a better deal?

Thanks in advance

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Askium, Akium, Aksium.... sorry for my spelling
to disagree, shimano hubs are smoother and can be easily repacked and it has more spokes so it will be more durable, rims are the same. I say go ultegra
Thanks, but I just actually ended up going with the Aksium as the rear was only $109 at Performance and surprisingly (to me at least) lighter than the Open Pro. Even if it does not last very long, it should serve its purpose for me... at that price.

Thanks though.
fyi, we had great luck doing a tubeless conversion on Askium wheel, if you were curious about tubeless.

lots of content on our site on tubeless.
How have you set up your Aksium's tubeless? with the Stan's kit or just yellow taping and a valve stem + some stans?
Ditto, would be very interested to know how you set up tubless w/o using a tubeless rim and how well it works, etc. I'm guessing that just like Mtb tires, it's a bit tricky w/o an air compressor?



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