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If your little Sven or Katie has moved up and on to a bigger, badder rig, or your looking to raise funds for one, perhaps we can help each other out! I'd like to get my munchkin a rig for Christmas so she can ride CX with mommy and then you'd be able to do the same for yours! Lets start talkin'!



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sorry I should prolly add a point of contact.



Hi Kristina,
I saw your post on CXMag about wanting a Redline Conquest 20.  I attempted to send an email, but your account rejected it.  I've got one, and I've kicked around the idea of selling it.  My stepson outgrew it in a matter of months, so it's had little use.  It is a fantastic bike for a child - it's very low to the ground, so it fits kids much better than mountain bikes, which also tend to be heavier than adult bikes.  I'd need to run it by my wife, because we've also talked about just holding on to it for future crossers that we may produce :)  There's also the issue of shipping it - where are you located?  I'm in NC.  
Jim Clark

Hey thanks for the reply! should work. I'm in Chicago...I realize that shipping will be around $60 or so. Feel free to shoot me an email about what your thoughts are on letting it go for an we'll go from there.



Hey thanks for the suggestion! Do the mini's have a shorter TT? If so I'll consider it. As an alternative I was thinking of getting a kids MTB and throwing some narrow BMX racing slicks on. My main concern is that my kid would be better able to keep up on rides and not get so tired when I know its just the bike size and gearing that's holding her back. I really appreciate the help!




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