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Hello all -- been working on getting a set of avid shorty ultimates put on a couple year old crux.  Following directions closely...I was able to get the rears on in the narrow stance very easily.  The fronts are giving me a headache however...again narrow stance.  One of the arms puts the brake pad just into the edge of the tire.  I have reset the pad in every way I can figure, but it just won't go low enough.  It is almost like the brake pad spacers are too wide to allow the assembly to bottom out in the arm, but if that is the case - it is a just a tiny bit off.  Should mention, the other front arm fits very nicely and I have a roval rim on the front.

has anyone else had this problem?

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Check that the wheel is fully in the drop outs of the fork.

Hi Mike -- yup -- the wheel is fully seated.  Last night, I got out my dial calipers and measured the spacers on the brake pad post.  The offending dished spacer measured 3.5 mm.  I looked at some similar spacers from other brake sets and found one at 3 and 2.5 (not sure I remember that correctly, could have been 2.7mm).  I installed the thinnest one and it did bring the brake pad down considerably.   The set up is usable as it is now and there is plenty of braking power...but the one pad is still right on the rim of the brake (definitely not 1 mm from the lip as spec'd).  I may take it to my LBS to see if I have missed some obvious step.

Hmm...I just had a thought.  I had to remove the paint on the stud connected to the fork in order for the arm to fit without binding.  I can't imagine that is causing this problem...but I mention it in the interest of full disclosure.

I too had to remove paint from the brake mount post on the fork in order to eliminate binding and allow my Avid Shorty Ultimates to work correctly. Also, I was using Zipp 303 carbon rims last year and bought the Shorty Ultimate carbon brake kit, which has significantly shorter brake posts and gives enough room to use with wide rims.


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