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Hey all, I have a set of the avid ultimate shorty brakes, and overall love them. The issue is With the brake pads and more so the holders.

The original pads are total crap and once worn down (1 or 2 wet rides) and its time to replace with a better pad. Problem is the small hex screw that locks the pads in place I very soft metal and strips out virtually every time, making them useless and a replacement set at 30 bucks is necessary, and still has the same crappy pads.

Any aftermarket pad holders that will fit on this set up? I like the idea of the koolstop stop CX pad

I would like to know they fit before purchasing. Also open to what else people may be using,

Thanks for the help!


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You should be able to use an EZ Out (available at Sears or other tool store) to remove the stripped bolts, hit them with some WD-40 or equivalent first.  Then find some better quality replacement bolts and/or buy a set of replacement pads that include new bolts.  Hopefully that will do it, I've stripped a few of those out myself.

replace the tiny bolts with a keeper.  looks like a tiny shepherds crook. Avaialable at a decent hardware store.  See L Zinns article about same on Velonews.

Chuck South

I wondered about that being an option  thanks for the idea.

Hey David,

I just replaced those stock cartridges with a full set of SwissStop FlashPro's and they are 200% better brakers. I have red ones (for aluminum rims). Check the webpage for a list of their options. Best rim brake pads I have EVER used. $75 per set however. 


Good luck.

Ill look them up!  thanks!


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