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I'm wondering if anyone is experiencing a similar issue with their Avid Ultimates.  These are brand new to me and I have gotten them pretty well dialed in.


The one thing I notice though is that after a few rides they get off center and start rubbing the rim wall.  I then adjust the spring tension and tighten down the hex bolt.  But they continue to loosen on one side or the other.




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Jim: I've had the Ultimates for a couple months now, on my Stevens Team Carbon. I've been riding it as my road bike for much of that time, and haven't had the issue. P'raps it has something to do with the washer that's between the brakes and the brake post, or maybe the post itself is loosening. Or, if it's the front, check the cable hanger to see if it's centered...although mine's a little off, but I still don't have your problem.
I had the same problem. What can happen when you over tighten the spring tension cap (for lack of a better word) is that you can crush the ridge that is built into the cap's underside; when this happens the cap doesn't rest on the brake post but the spring itself. Now when you tighten the hex bolt you never really tighten the entire setup, you only apply enough pressure for the brake to seem to work, but in reality the entire setup will rotate as you apply the brakes.

I really do hope that you haven't done this (as I did) because SRAM didn't have any spare parts to send out- as of a few months ago. It was the most incredible but of luck that my local lbs accidentally had a spare cap and they just gave it to me (much to my amazement).

With the new cap in place my brakes are now set and forget.
call the sram hotline. their techs always have an answer. very patient, very wise.


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