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I was wondering if anyone is running the barrel adjust kits? Just trying to figure out if it is worth the money or not? Seems like it is a great idea and will simplify making micro adjustments but thought I would check to see what others thought and experienced? 

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I assume you are talking about the adjustment barrel that takes the place of one of the anchor bolts? I can't imagine running brakes with out them. Yes, you can have some sort of barrel adjustment elsewhere but they always strike me as a compromise. The built in ones are really nice. And CX brakes wear really fast, nevermind the issue of switching from wheel to wheel. (Really how many of us are lucky enough to have all matching wheels?) I highly recommend the kit for sure.

Yea I think we are talking about the same thing. Here is the link to the TRP site.

I was just wondering if they actually worked well. Thanks for the help

Those are they. They do very well adjusting for different rim widths and pad wear.

I ran a pair of Mafac brakes without the adjusters built in. Talk about a PITA.

I've got two pairs of Euro-X brakes and have the adjusters on both.

Only thing better are the adjustable brake holders! Makes toeing in the brakes a no brainer.



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