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Does anyone have any brand or model recommendations? I know these things exist because I've used some, but I am totally striking out on the Interweb.
And if mentioning stores, please note I am in Canada.

Thanks in advance,


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Craftsman makes the "one" If you don't have a Sears you can order online.
Thanks Jesse!

Did anyone ever tell you that you look like Tim Johnson? Not sure who the guy next to you is, though.

LOL!!! No problem. When you get it let me know how it goes I am in the market for one as well
I think that Craftsman makes one, roughly cordless drill sized. Should be available through Sears regardless of where you live.
Be aware that the Craftsman price does not include the battery or charger, so you have to buy those separately, which makes it pricey. I've used it and it's pretty good.
Thanks guys. The Sears Canada site is super-vague on which battery pack goes with which pump, but I assume if the pump is 19.2 V and the battery is 19.2 V I should be in good shape. I'll make sure a charger is part of the whole deal as well. Far more cash than the $12 floor pump I've been using for the past few years!

Yeah get the extended waranty with the pump. I had a sears pump and power supply, this was a different unit. That unit had two melt downs on me. One time they exchanged it. the second time it was out of warranty. The pump portion failed. I was using it for my cars.
Check Out There is some good info on the site
Thought I'd tie this up; our corded drill broke a few weeks back and my wife told me to buy a new one. So I grabbed the Craftsman model from Sears and threw the pump in the same order. Very happy so far - noisier but much easier!



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