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Hey Folks, anyone out there have any suggestions for eliminating the "turkey gobble" on a BB5 road set up?  Anything worked for you?



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you can sand down the corners of the pad material so there's not such a sharp edge. Just enough to round the corner. That has helped.  Are you using the bb5 rotor?  Some of the overly drilled out rotors make that noise more; the bb5 rotor is not usually that bad.
Never heard/thought about sanding the pad edges... I'll have to try it, thanks!

Hey Jason, meant to get back to you before... Tried your tip and it seems to have worked great!  Thanks...


Jason's solution seems to have work for you.  Here's another that worked for me:  put a couple of drops of automotive brake pad shudder stop (CarQuest - neon orange) between the back of the pad and caliper.  It apparently is a polymer that dampens the harmonic vibration that seems to occur when the caliper clamps up on the rotor... worked for me. It was $10 and comes in a bottle large enough to last me 15 lifetimes of riding - no mini-size available, unfortunately.
Agreed with Alex.  That stuff works great too.

Never heard of that... I'll have to check it out... seems like I have it under control now, though.  Swapped out the front rotor and beveled the pad edges... thanks!



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