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I've just spent $40 buying Tegaderm, bandages, tape, etc after crashing in my CX race today.  The crash was due to a mechanical problem w/ my front wheel/tire setup where after riding over a curb, the bead separated from the rim and I hit the asphalt pretty hard. 

I was running the Shimano Ultegra tubeless rims and Hutchinson Piranhas, plus Stans.  I had the front psi at 35.  I weigh about 183 lbs.  The way the curb was set on the course, you over it at a slight angle.  I guess I came off a bit skewed and the bead just gave away. 

After I got home and inspected the tire, there's a hole in the sidewall and one in the tread.  I'm not sure if the tread hole happened first and sealed, I'm pretty sure the sidewall hole was due to the crash.

I was speaking with a guy after the race and he says use a plastic rim strip even though the Shimano wheels are tubeless ready.  Anybody got any experience with that.  Could the rimstrip be the answer to not having a repeat of the bead failure?

Thanks in advance for any feedback.  Crashing sucks, especially on pavement.  I don't want that to happen again.

Peace, Rob

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One word- Tubular!


I am sure some are having success with tubeless but every race I see or hear of all the problems other are having. Pool your money buy some tubies and sniff the glue.... 

I think I'm convinced.  Just bought a set of tubbies yesterday.  I talked w/ a buddy of mine yesterday that races in the Pro, 1, 2 fields and he's like you.  He says tubbies are 10/10, tubeless 6/10, and clinchers 2/10 for ride quality...


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