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Ok, so if you are going to buy ONE set of tubulars for cyclocross racing what would you use?? My top picks are as follows (in order):

1. Dugast Rhino
2. Clement MXP
3. Dugast Typhoon
4. Clement PDX
4. Challenge Grifo
Thoughts? Thanks in advance

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If it was me buying a new set this year (for racing in Maryland) it would be Challenge Chicane rear; Challenge Baby Limus front.

That being said, I use Challenge Grifo open tubular clinchers with latex tubes for everything, and LOVE that setup, but I weigh over 200 lbs.

OP - what are you trying to prioritize?  Your list is a bit all over the place.  mud tire, mixed conditions, mixed conditions, mud/mixed conditions, mixed conditions.  That is just based on tread pattern.  if I were to have just 1 set, I'd probably also want to look at durabiliity.  Dugast not known for theirs. 

Conditions also obviously matter.  Personally, of your choices, I'd go:

1> PDX

2> MPX

3> Grifo

4> Rhino / Typhoon

Assuming budget is one of the reasons you want to go with only 1 set, I'd prioritize durability. maybe mix and match a PDX in front with a MPX rear, as I like a bit more bite upfront. 

Also- Check out this tire review:

(even though it is focused on clinchers, Colt talks a lot about tread).

Living in Calgary we race on a lot of grass and soft pack dirt.  Lots of guys around here are running Grifos and Rhinos. Lots of guys sweat by Rhino's even though we don't deal with a lot of mud. 


Based on that, I still think the PDX might be a better choice.  What you might give up to the Rhino in suppleness will be given back in durability.  YMMV.

I am leaning towards the PDX.  Sounds like people really like them as a "do it all tire"

just got a set of MXP and PDX tubies PSI is the next thing to work out! they'er

are a bit stiffer then my last set of Vittorias but may Claments grip!!

You'd be better off to picking a tubular for either wet or dry and a clincher for the other rather than try to run 1 in both conditions.  Get a nice tubular for dry stuff like a Typhoon so you can rail corners and run PDX clinchers for mud.

What do you guys think about "open tubular" clinchers with latex tubes; vs tubulars.  The Challenge versions have a very similar high TPI cotton casing (like the tubular versions).  I can run fairly low pressures (on my Challenge Grifo "open tubular" clinchers) with the latex tubes, but since I weigh over 200#s, it is in the 20s not the teens.  Either way, they ride very well, and I can't see going back to tubular for myself.  Has anyone heard of any pros racing "open tubular" clinchers?

I've seen the open tubulars roll off of clincher rims at a pretty high rate at lower pressure and there is no way they could be set up tubeless because the sidewalls aren't stiff enough.

I can't imagine racing a 123 race without tubulars, or knowing that there is high rate of pinch flatting clinchers at usable pressures.  I've even quit practicing on grass on clinchers for the most part because they don't corner anywhere near as well.  

Last year I ran Challenge Grifos, Dugast smallbirds and clement PDX's tubulars and this season I just have 2 sets of pdx's, one disc and one rim brake.

The only pro's not on Tubulars are the Stan's sponsored riders and they are more regional elites than anything. No pro is Europe is riding on them to my knowledge. 

I have run tubeless setups for gravel in the off season and I would consider them to be more hassle than reliable clement tubulars.  Needing to add sealant ever 4-6 weeks is a pain when I can get 2 seasons out of glued tubulars without anymore work than adjusting air pressure.  Not having an air compressor makes seating tires a gamble as I get sealant all over the apartment.   I have had tubeless tires seal up punctures, but I have also ruined sealing rim strips getting tight fitting tires on/off of the rim that are good for tubeless setups.

Tubeless for CX....just say no.

Wow-  I have not heard of a properly seated tire's bead popping off the rim, that defeats the purpose for sure!  Are there any other manufacturers making a similar cotton casing clincher, with better results in use?


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