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Just a general question, Area not withstanding, what is your favorite feature in a CX race?  I have seen some video of the "Circle of Death" etc....Up here in Oregon, we have the 6-Pack barriers & of course the SSCXWC Bacon/PBR hand ups.


Up here in Oregon, we have the 6-pack barrires & the PBR/Bacon hand ups at the SSCXWC.  Or how about the Tequila shot short cut?  Foam? Striper Bus?


My personal fav was at a location at our local Dragstrip, there was one section that got put in that went Mud....Gravel.....Mud......Gravel.....


Or as we like to say"Frosting, sprinkles, frosting, sprinkles!"  So many riders lost rear derailers from poor shifting judgement.  Good thing I ride Single Speed.


So what is it?  What is your favorite feature or memory in, at, or on your local venue?

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Wood chips in Octoberfest race in Breckenridge. Many of the trails are covered in a foot + of wood chips. It's a different skill to ride in. Its like riding in velco plus when the chips grabs your front wheel and sends it in one direction its hard to pull it back.
We have some trails covered in wood chips around here, Not that deep though. We do like to use volleyball corts for their sand though. I remember one year, the course made a zig-zag around the poles for the net, talk about hard to ride, try making 120deg turns in sand
I don't see Brecktobercross on the '10 ACA calendar. Bummer.
The grandstand run-up at LARPDCX in Livermore CA!
So how many flights of stairs were there?
One long one. 30 steps?
In my first season of 'cross (2009) I never saw the six-pack. However, I DID enjoy Barton Park, which featured a couple of challenging run-ups (that run-up through the blackberry brambles was amazing) AND a delightful little drop-down that scared the pants off a surprising number of pure roadies. Coming from old-school BMX, I say the more moto, the better. More whoopdees, more berms, less grass and more dirt/mud.
I really want to do more PDX crusade races this year, high on the priority list for this year.
I have been thinking of this for a few days. Most likely the amphitheater at the Kirtland Park near downtown Cleveland.

That is freakin Sweet!!!!
That's wicked! Wish we had something like that around Nashville.

Looks like that Daft Punk music video - Around the world, Around the world........


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