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Just a general question, Area not withstanding, what is your favorite feature in a CX race?  I have seen some video of the "Circle of Death" etc....Up here in Oregon, we have the 6-Pack barriers & of course the SSCXWC Bacon/PBR hand ups.


Up here in Oregon, we have the 6-pack barrires & the PBR/Bacon hand ups at the SSCXWC.  Or how about the Tequila shot short cut?  Foam? Striper Bus?


My personal fav was at a location at our local Dragstrip, there was one section that got put in that went Mud....Gravel.....Mud......Gravel.....


Or as we like to say"Frosting, sprinkles, frosting, sprinkles!"  So many riders lost rear derailers from poor shifting judgement.  Good thing I ride Single Speed.


So what is it?  What is your favorite feature or memory in, at, or on your local venue?

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my favorite course features are ones that require a rider to make a decision. do I try to ride the entire hill and risk stalling? or try to roll half way up (with the lost art of the down tube grab while coasting). or do I run after the barriers (before the hill, next barrier, turn) or get back on the bike? attempt to hop a low barrier? which line to take on a tricky off camber?

these are the types of features that I think make for interesting racing and spectating compared to standard courses that force everyone to do the same thing.
I agree.
We have a race that includes riding up along and down five old grass covered WW11 air raid shelters in quick succesion. Getting it right meant riding to the top and just about stalling but being in a position to hit the next one and the next one etc. Dismounting for them cost about 15 metres per lap.
I loved the run-up that Brian put in out in the woods at the Cross-The-Way Halloween venue. True backcountry. I like lots of turns at moderate and high speed and seriously burly run-ups. None of this sissy grass-crit BS!! Anything that makes the Mountain Bikers squeamish and the Roadies cry makes it feel like cross. If I'm riding in a straight line for more than about 20 seconds it feels like too much.



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