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I have a love/hate relationship with the Clement PDX's that i've been running for the last 3 seasons. They're awesome when running them tubed, but tubeless is a bitch. At first I thought it was the rims I was trying to mount them to, but even after having custom wheels using the Velocity a23's built up this year, I'm still having terrible luck with them and don't want to fight burping for a whole other season.

I love the tread design of the PDX's and wanted to know if anyone had other suggestions of tires that might work better in a tubeless setup and with a similar tread design. If push comes to shove, yes, i can obviously just run tubes, but i really don't want to.

Thanks a ton!

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I think people have reported that both the PDX and the a23 are problematic for cx tubeless as individual components. I'm not sure there are lot of tricks other than to change the rim or tire if you're having problems. I've tried an additional layer of stan's tape on some wheels, and while its been an improvement it hasn't taken anything from bad to good, more like unusable to mediocre.

really? the a23 is problematic? how so? with its extrusion I've only heard that it works well as tubeless at low pressures. Damn, I hope I haven't been misinformed.

Maybe the WTB Crosswolf?  I've heard the Vittoria XL is pretty quick rolling for a "mud tire" as well.  

Out of curiosity - running the PDX tubed with butyl or latex?

I've been looking at both of those. The Vittoria XG is supposed to be a fast rolling and pretty damn good all around/mud tire too. I'm considering it also.

My pit wheels are POS Alex rims with standard tubes in them at 35 and 37. They never seem to fail me, but they're heavy as hell -- at the rim -- where you really feel it. :-/

You keep referencing your tubulars but my question was about tubeless. Did you mean you're running tubeless setups of those tires or did you truly mean tubulars? Still, thanks for the helpful info about the tread patterns and performance.

I've been looking at the new tubeless mud wrestlers too. The carbon bead and sidewall protection should drastically help with burping and sidewall cuts, which sucks on rooty courses or even some rocky single track in training.

Everything I've heard about those tubeless mud wrestlers is that they won't be available til mid october (which is too late for me since my season starts the last weekend of this month). :-/

I may go with XG's since i hear such good things about the tubeless reliability and performance. I really thought about the Specialized Terra Pro's, but with a 60tpi casing, i think it would have burping issues with a 210 rider. More supple = less burps. 60tpi = about as supple as a rock.


Hey Chad, I have some info for ya about those updated Maxxis Mud Wrestlers. I was mistaken, they ARE available now. problem is my LBS couldn't find anything but the 60tpi version from any of their suppliers.

That said, my research has led me to the Specialized Tracer Pro "2bliss" (which obviously means they're optimized for a tubeless setups). Either I just hadn't heard of this tire or they're one of the better sleeper tire in the market, but when you look at the reviews of them, again for the updated 2bliss version, they are STELLAR for an all around tire. Come to find out, 3 teams in my area run them exclusively all season. I've got 3 on the way.

I've gone the lazy way out this year after fighting to set up another set tubeless. I just got latex tubes which have a removeable core. Squirt in an ounce or so of sealant, put the core back in. Good to go.

Yes, heavier than tubeless because I have the tube but not by a huge amount. Maybe just on the edge of "not as supple". BUT, 1) Set up is WAY easier, 2) I can use my PDX and Jones CX tires now, or whatever clincher I feel like with whatever rim I have, & 3) Yes, the sealant works! (Yes, personal experience).


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