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Raced my Kuota Kross for the first time this weekend.  Love the bike except for some pretty serious brake chatter.  I'm running the stock carbon forks, Avid Ultimates and Easton Circuit rims.  The brake cable is hung from the bottom stacker on the head tube.  No brake hole on the fork to hang it off the fork.


Any suggestions on how to calm the chatter down?


Thanks all!


Jimi Surf

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Really toe-in the pads:

I tape a quarter to the rim, set it right under the edge of the pad, give the brakes a little squeeze, tighten and voila - instant toe-in.  


If you're running the arms wide in the front (stock) converting them to a narrow stance will help if the brakes are overpowering the fork during hard braking.

Thanks David!


I'll give that a try and see how it goes.  It's been unusually dry here (Vancouver BC) the normal rain and mud would also solve the problem too (I guess).  I'll post the results of the big toe-in.



Sadly, my fork was experiencing the most chatter when Seattle's weather is at its best (cold and rainy).   When dry everything was fine, but when things turned wet and goopy the fork would chatter so badly that hard breaking was nearly impossible (not exactly the best thing when riding in Japanese Gulch). 




I used to have an Easton CX90 fork, and had bad chatter to start. In addition to toe-in, one thing that worked for me was to raise the cable straddle hanger a little higher.  I did this because I read it was done for a pro team's set up that used Cannondale CX9 with the Easton CX90 fork.


Ultimately I switched to a sturdier fork with an aluminum steerer tube rather than carbon.

I would suggest installing a V brake on the front.  I was experiencing some chatter and installing a V brake up front seems to have solved the problem.  The stopping power is a lot better too, which seems to help a bit with race fatigue because I don't have to pull so hard on the levers.  Tektro makes a very reasonably priced brake, which you could try.  You can probably pick up the Tektro RX5 for less than $20.  If you don't have one, you might also need to get an in-line barrel adjuster so that you can adjust the pad clearance.  If it doesn't work for you, you are out a reasonably small amount of money.   TRP, which is actually the same company as Tektro, makes a number of options that are nicer looking but that probably work about the same. See, e.g.,
I did this this season and I am totally sold, will not go back to canti up front ever again.
Tons of responses here...Toe-in is a big help and easy to do.
Crazy toe-in, harder pad compound (I like kool stop dual compound better than salmon pads in front for this reason), shorter pads- road pads or cut the long thinline pads down by 1/3.  Some combination of these will work.

A few things 

1) don't use your brakes. I'm not joking- seriously try to NOT use them. 

2) Increase the pre-load on you headset- really tighten in down. That has worked for me every time. (ec90x, ex70x and a specilized carbon fork)

3) The toe-in thing just makes your brakes squishy and activate "slowly". 


Thanks everyone for the replys!


so, I picked the low laying fruit first.  Tightened the headset and toe'd in the brakes.  Took it out for a spin and it was night and day!  There was almost no chatter at all. I'll see how long the pads wear before the problem comes back.  But, forcast is for rain between now and July so I may not see it for the rest of Cross season :)


Thanks again!




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