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I asked this on bike radar and didn't get a single response. Guess no-one racing cross reads that site....

Need some new brake pads for my cross bike. I'm using post-mount Canti's. I've beenusing the SwissStop Canti Rat black (Aqua-stop?) pads so far this season and I quite like them.

What I don't like is the rate at which I'm destroying them (the last set lasted 2 races and the two weeks training between) and at about £18 a set not ideal. Also not good during the race!

I've heard the Green pads are harder wearing. The SwissStop web site annoyingly gives little information other than they're the 'High-performance' compound. Can anyone shed a bit more light on this? How do they compare to the black pads?


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First, do yourself a favor and get some cartridge pads. Velo Orange has adjustable pads for $15 a wheel. TRP has a few flavors as well. It makes brake pad changes a breeze.

Second, are you running carbon rims? I assume not, but I wanted to ask. I've run the green Swiss Stop pads. They stop quite well but as you mentioned they wear pretty fast as well.

While not glamorous the salmon Kool Stop pads are by far the best pads out there. The wear very well (I can usually get a season out of them), stop well and don't pick up metal shards (like Shimano and a lot of others) which is what kills rims in no time. And they're super cheap too.

I wore thru the green Swiss Stops about 2-3 times faster than the Kool Stop pads.
I have been running the Ritchey Red pads for years and they last a long time. They also work exceptionally well when it turns wet and muddy.
hey Steve i got a set of these from kool stop tecktonic pads and they really rock but i don't know if they make them in the post set up?
Thanks for the replies guys.

Not on carbon rims, although I am pretty much down to the wear line on my current "No. 1" set..... If I go carbon it seems that the best thing is to get a set with an alloy braking surface? Sorry, getting off-topic!

I'm definitely going to look into getting some cartridge pads in the off-season. Not seen Ritchey pads over here.

I've got a set of the Kool Stop Dual compound pads and I was a little disappointed with them. Perhaps I should put them back on and give them another try.



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