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I'm hoping someone out there who's solved their brake chatter problems can help me out.

I've got a 58cm frame (so long headtube) and chatter that won't go away. My current setup is Tektro Oryx brakes with road (short as opposed to longer MTB) brakepads, Easton EC90x fork, and Ambrosio rims (not machined). Got the chatters. Rear brakes work fantastically. My only solution so far is to (gasp! I know...) use some light oil on the front rim. Cuts down on power, but eliminates the chatter. Besides being mildly crazy, any thoughts? I used to race in the NE, and when the going got muddy, i.e. the rims got muddy, the chatter got better (and the braking worse obviously), so I figured why not just start out that way.

I've tried pretty much all combinations of these things: toe in, toe out, xtr MTB pads, ritchey mtb pads, Dura Ace road pads, Kona Project 2 steel fork, Shimano R550 wheel (machined rims), and still get the chatters. My fork, the Easton, doesn't have a bolt hole to mount a fork-mounted cable stop (grr) or I'd try that too.

Who's tall and got an Easton fork? What are you running that solves this problem?

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he mpapet - what "old fashioned" bride are you referring to? have a pic? very curious.
My guess is you need a stiffer fork.
Had the same problem with a steel Kona fork... and it was more than twice as heavy. Haven't tried an aluminum steerer yet though.
Mike - are you willing to sacrifice braking power to reduce the chatter? if you are willing to lube your rim, I am guessing so. So, a wide-profile brake (srp grumpy) with high straddle and wide yoke would be pretty much chatter-free! and a bit more predictable than oil on the rim. And you'd have tons of mud clearance.
I've got a 60cm frame and the only thing that got rid of chatter was using v-brakes w/ travel agents. The issue with canti's is the headest mounted cable stop pulls the fork causing it to strain. For most CX bikes in a race situation, the speed is maybe not fast enough for this to be a real issue. If you use your bike for winter training like I do then slowing on a 35mph downhill with chatter is not acceptable.
Lengthen your straddle cable and toe your brakes in...that will solve it. Keep lengthening the straddle cable till it stops chattering.
I have had fork judder on a 58cm steel frame / fork also on a 60cm aluminum frame / carbon fork. The judder is caused when the cable housing is hung from the steerer. As braking forces flex the fork backwards, the distance between the cantilever mounts on the fork and the cable stop on the steerer changes. This in turn causes the tension on the brake cable to fluctuate. A fork mounted cable stop solves the problem by letting the cable stop move with the cantilever mounts. If you haven't got a hole in your fork crown, then standard v-brakes with a travel agent or mini v-brakes will solve the problem the same way (cable stop will move the fork, cable tension stays constant). I got some mini v-brakes for a song online and they work great - no more fork judder, ever. Putting lubricant on your braking surface is nuts!
I have a 60cm bike and had crazy chatter. I have Tektro 720 brakes and was using the standard pads. I replaced the pads with Shimanos, and toed the brakes in as much as I could reasonably do. Chatter be gone. Brakes aren't sticking and giving me quite the same stopping power, but definitely ample stopping power.

So, for me, the pads and toe-in seemed to be the magic.
hello all,take a look here ,rider says he eliminated chatter
Agreed...fork mounted hanger works!

This one is from Specialized, mounted on a Stevens carbon fork.
looks kinda like kupfernagel's setup. mini-v's will also do the trick.
I wish I had known I could have gotten one in black. I could only find the Tektro one on silver


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