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I started cross this year and can honestly admit that I am completely hooked (the wife is just so happy). I have a couple of questions regarding braking.


I understand the use of canti's and can certainly see the future value of going to disc brakes. Why has no one used V-brakes? They were the progression in the 90's for MTB.


Also, I ride a '11 Cannondale CAADX w/105. I have been reminded of one of the other issues of canti's over V from my days of downhilling - getting tires in and out of the fork when inflated as we had to run oversized as my days were pre-suspension. At this point, I have two sets of wheels that I have to install with the front tire uninflated. Obviously, in a race, this all but ensures a DNF, even if I were to flat at the pits. Is there a set up trick I am missinig that enables the front cantis to open more? The brake pad is catching on the inside of the fork and not allowing it to expand any further.


Advice time: As I said, I am a noob, slow and having tons of fun. I ran some CX4 and a couple of Master's 35s this year. The Masters is way to fast for me to even think of trying to do anything more than finish a race on the lead lap. The bonus is that I get an extra 15 minutes on course by running it which helps justify the fact I am driving 1.5 hours plus for almost all races. So, I am thinking I may run single speed and then cx4 and get in two 30 minute races for next year. I would love to hear advice on single speed components as I would probably build my own. Wheels, hubs (flip flop?), brakes, frames, frame materials for single speed etc.




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Hey, Doug, I just got back to this thread when the latest post came in, and read your comment. First, I'm sorry to hear that you found that you needed different levers. I didn't--just the ones I had on my bike to begin with (the older Shimano 6600 Ultegras). And I'd heard from a lot of sources before I bought my brakes that road levers would work fine w/o a travel agent...which is my experience. But I'll admit to have never read the instructions...I just put 'em on and they're working.


This bike is now my 3rd string cross bike, but I use it for commuting and errand-running pretty much all the time, still with no brake problems. I'm glad you got your bike worked out in the end and we're both happy; but I also apologize that you felt misled by my comments.

Got it--I know exactly where--and what--you're talking about; those were some tough little hills, and I ran up them every lap. And finally, I should really have said "club," rather than 'team,' although there will be a racing team component. Really, it'll hopefully be a regional/national/even international thing, built around folks--men and women--who want to learn, have fun, race as hard as they can, and be the backbone of the sport. So check back, and hopefully we'll have some more things of interest to you!



Will do. Best of luck in the Wilkesboro race this weekend. Have a blast.

I'm also thinking of giving canti's the flick and trying some TRP V's.
I've configured the canti's plenty of different ways but still can't get enough power out of them.

Does anyone know which version TRP 9's or 8.4's would work better with old Shimano DuraAce 7700, 9 speed levers/shifters?


Now that I've had my mini-Vs for a while, I would recommend them.  They work SO much better than cantis IMHO. The TRP  website says the 8.4's give more clearance, but, I have the older style 10 sp Ultegra levers, and I have enough clearance. I guess it depends on how much clearance you prefer. I just can't say enough good things about the minis in general. I have 2 cross bikes, and they both have these brakes.

Thanks Doug, your the second person who's recommended the 8.4's, might give them a go,

Not fazed about mud clearance, I just need more power..cheers

The easiest and cheapest way to go is to use a Tektro rx5 mini V with a Jagwire 90 degree noodle with barrel adjuster. Use this just for the front and a canti for the rear. I used this setup this season and am sold on it. Way more stopping power, you can be way more aggressive going into turns and as someone mentioned no fork shudder. I am using Campy Veloce levers, don't see why they wouldn't work with Shimano. With the adjustable noodle you can get your wheel out quickly and also adjust just where you would like the pads to be. Lastly, throw some kool stop salmon pads on there for a very nice brake feel. Google "tektro rx5 cyclocross" and you will find many discussions about what a good set up this is. Personally, I think it's a waste to spend that much $ on the TRP route.




Great ideas! Now I know what to recommend to those not willing to part with $100+ for TRP. I really appreciate the quality of the TRPs, but this appears to be a great setup too. On one of my 'cross bikes I am running Tektro RL520 drop V-levers with barend shifters. The brakes are TRP minis, but they could be mech discs as well, like the setup on my Urban Assault 29er single speed. I really like barend shifters. They are cheaper, sturdier, shift very precisely, and you can instantly see or feel which gear you are in. A tip- if you put on barends, you can cut off a bit of the handlebar to better avoid tapping your knee on the barend. Nobody uses the last inch or 2 of the bars anyway. Here's my Urban Assault Vehicle.

Nice idea, but decied to go with the TRP's. Should be here in a couple of weeks, see how they go.


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