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So I'm building my new frame (2012) and things are going fine until I get around to the front derailleur cable/housing. The frame has internal routing and I set up the rear no problem using the supplied guide sleeve. However on the other side, there is no internal cable stop so I figure it must be fully cabled; sure enough I can see cable stop looking up through an aperture just behind the BB shell. So after a good frustrating while trying to get the cable and housing through the frame I finally manage to get the stars aligned but I realize there is absolutely no way the housing can make a 90 degree turn into the stop with only 3/4 inch wiggle room. I've been searching online and I see lots of older Redlines have the front derailleur cable routed along the down-tube. If this is the case, why bother making a giant hole in the frame? I'm going crazy here so any help greatly appreciated.

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Nevermind. I was able to route the cable/housing internally under the BB shell so that it has room to curve into the stop. I have to say, of all the internal cable routing I've ever dealt with, they all suck. I'm already fretting about replacing this stuff down the road. Also, Redline doesn't seem to have any owner's manuals online and nothing came with the frame either.


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