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picked up a new frame the other day, and it appears to have cable guides on the top of the top tube for 2 cables (presumably the rear derailleur and the back brake), and one on the downtube, presumably for the front derailleur.

My initial thought is, "this is not ideal - the cable on the downtube will get whacked when I grab it for shouldering, and if the cable is routed under the bottom bracket, it is exposed to more debris and the potential of getting banged off if I clunk it while bunny-hopping a mondo log." :)


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i have bikes with both top and bottom. to be honest, i don't notice my shifting getting any worse with bottom routing, but we don't have too many muddy races. I swear by Gore's sealed system though, and that's an easy way to both save your paint and keep it all clean for a long time.

the benefit to bottom routing is that usually there are barrel adjusters there to adjust cable attention (you can always add to top routing)...and as Ryan B of team Rock Lobster says, it's easier/faster to do a cable housing swap with bottom routing - there's one less segment needed. I also think that the line is smoother sometimes with bottom routing, since by the head tube there are sharper angles with top routing.

I've seen bikes with both the top and bottom like yours - but prefer it just be all one or the other. what frame did you grab?
From what I've gathered, it's not an issue having the cable run the downtube, then under the bottom bracket.

It's an '07 Van Dessel Gin & Trombones.

Tnx for the info.
It's not ideal, but it's not the end of the world. Those are well designed bikes.

Plus, just run a single front ring. Problem solved!
Second that. Go 1x9 and be done with it. It'll make you a better rider.
Dude, don't trip, I have had many cx bikes with all kinds of different routing...just ride/race the damn thing
my red line conquest pro has the same cable routing and i have had no problems with it.
i have raced in all different type of conditions from muddy to sandy.
i like the easy of adjustment on the barrel adjuster.


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