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Some pics have leaked out lately showing a bunch of new things coming from Campagnolo for 2011.  But the biggest thing for me looks like CX specific cranksets!  There's a thread about this very thing on the weight weenies website.  In the pic it even said "CX" in the logo!  As far as anyone as managed to geek out from the pics, they are carbon, 11 speed, and 36T/46T.  Campy currently has press fit cups to make their current cranksets compatible with BB30 and one larger size.  The details on what the larger size is escapes me at the moment, but just go to for the details.  So if you've got a weird sized BB you shouldn't be left out.  None of this has been confirmed of course.  It's all just speculation based on some photos.  And some people don't even think the photos are real.

We'll see,

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Rich, All:

I'm not sure if this is what you were referring to, but I noticed the following on the Campagnolo site last night:

So, 10 speed and 11; aluminium and carbon. What's interesting to me is how they have these listed in their own "ciclocross groupset" page, but nothing else is listed but the cranks. I've loved using Campag for my cyclocross ride for a while, and would certainly be excited to see them do some more specifically for us sand and mud types.

All the best, and of course:

Ride smart, stay safe, have fun.

Nashville, TN
My hero! I thought the CX cranks had turned into vaporware.
Does anyone have an idea when they will be available in the states.

ETA on the cranks is in mid-November, just in time to get your bike ready for next season.

This is the info that I got from Big Al @ bikeman. com
Herb, All:

True--unless, like me, you're racing in the South when the season rolls until the beginning of February! (and while I love my FSA carbons, I fell for the ISIS option, so the moment I can swing it, I'll probably pull a switch.)

Until the next time, then, don't forget to:

Ride smart, stay safe, have fun.

Nashville, TN
Campy has also come out with 3 models of CX wheels, and 2 from the fulcrum line!
Rich, Herb, All:

If I read the tech manual correctly--and it's a little buried, so I might not be--a nice little added bonus is that it looks like the BCD is 110 (finally!) for these cranks. Especially if you were running 10 speed, that would give you a lot of options come replacement time.

Rich, on the wheels, maybe I'm just really comfortable with the aluminum spoke thing having raced Ksyriums on my cross bike for years, but if I were going to buy Campag or Fulcrum wheels for my cross bike, I think I'd go with the Fulcrum 1 2-way Fits. The wheel weights are a WHOLE lot less (like 200 grams on the rear alone; the lightest Campag rear is over 1000 grams), and given my Ksyrium experience, I would actually feel more confident with those. You have any wish-list items amongst these?

Thanks for the heads-up on the wheels. A little diversion before I go out and do CX microbursts plus tempo intervals! All the best, and of course:

Ride smart, stay safe, have fun.

Nashville, TN
I hear you on the wheels, but I know to 1s are out of my price range. I wish they had made at least one of the wheelsets 2-way, which just make much more sense. Zonda CXs would have been nice, but I know my Khamsins are tough as nails, so I have little worry about Campy wheels. I also wish they had come out with some brakes as well. But, as far as what they got I really like the carbon cranks, even though they are the new "Power-lets do it like everyone else-tourque" cranks. For my Commuter bike I'd grab a set Khamsin CX in a heart beat. I just wish they made the Alloy 10spd cranks in black to match my all black Veloce build.
Isn't anyone disappointed that all of this CX stuff is their lower priced/ quality lines? I was hoping for more like Record-CX or something a little better than this. They are asking most people to downgrade for their "CX" stuff?
No. They want more people on Campy and to be competitive. Making only record level components would continue to propagate the image that Campy is overly expensive and elitist. For you folks who can actually afford record level parts I can understand your dissapointed. On the other hand those who can afford top end parts can afford to replace their bearings more often.
Good point. To release supposed grainy spy photos and months of speculation and this is their intro in to CX,
Power-Torque and their three bottom of the range wheels? What is the Shimano/SRAM equivalent to Power-Torque?
105 and Rival I think. I dont see too many people racing on those. Force and Ulterga yes but not those and PT is not even Chorus level and that is the equivalent to Force and Ultegra. Just my opinion but I think consumers are more savvy than to buy those wheels when they all they did was make them heavier and put a CX sticker on and now they're cross.
I would argue that Ultegra is not at the level of either chorus or force, and an '10 Athena carbon groupset weighs mere grams more. Maybe Ultegra SL. CX is a growing sport, so if Campy can get in and on the noobs bikes they are much more likely to stick with it. I think you may also find power-torque has an improved bearing life making it easier and cheaper to maintain. Also, off the show room floor CX bikes are spec'd more in the rival range than force. I also think you'll see more off the shelf bikes in racing as the numbers grow.


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