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Some pics have leaked out lately showing a bunch of new things coming from Campagnolo for 2011.  But the biggest thing for me looks like CX specific cranksets!  There's a thread about this very thing on the weight weenies website.  In the pic it even said "CX" in the logo!  As far as anyone as managed to geek out from the pics, they are carbon, 11 speed, and 36T/46T.  Campy currently has press fit cups to make their current cranksets compatible with BB30 and one larger size.  The details on what the larger size is escapes me at the moment, but just go to for the details.  So if you've got a weird sized BB you shouldn't be left out.  None of this has been confirmed of course.  It's all just speculation based on some photos.  And some people don't even think the photos are real.

We'll see,

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I am pretty savy and I will be getting a set of affordable CX wheels because of the double seal on the bearings.
Just thought I would check the claimed numbers from the Campy website. The carbon 11spd CX crankset is listed as 1 gram heavier than the Record CT cranks, and about 50 grams less than the Chorus cranks.

Wheels as follows:
Scirocco 1795g
Vento 1827g
Khamsin 1873g

Scirocco 1795g
Vento 1827g
Khamsin 1873g

Yep, that 1 gram has me pissed off too.
Zinn says the new low end CX gear will be good for commuting as well (heck yeah). He also said the Campy rep acknowledged that there were no tubeless CX options. Apparently Campy feels serious CXers will go and get tubular Bora's anyway, so . . .
Thanks for the heads up on the Zinn column. And beyond getting the things off (a bit worrisome that no one in the booth knew!), I hope that the cranks come with a 14mm. I don't know about you, but I don't have a lot of spare 14mm keys lying around. Maybe they'll follow the example of the first generation of XTR cranks that required the then-novel 8mm, and supply one. And you know, I'm still wondering about the BCD question.

As a matter of fact, I think I'll cut-and-paste most of this over into the comments on the column, and see if I get a reply.

That says there are full CX groups including derailleurs, chain, Ergopower levers. Where are those? And about the BCD, a guy on the ww forum says its Campy 110 w/ the one 112 and if you look at the PDF they put out it says the same. As far as the crank tool you can bet it wont be included but Campy will make one to sell you just like Ultra-Torque tool.
There are no full groupsets per se. You just use the regular groupsets. I think they are misusing The term "groupsets". I'll just get a 14mm hex for my ratchet like I did a 10. I have seen a video on YouTube where a pulled was used. But, why not just unscrew the bolt a bit and then wack it with a mallet to losen it? One thing I found lacking is in Zinn's other article about Campy he talks nothing about the new Power Shift ergos. As far as the BCD, if it is the same maybe some after market makers will make compatible rings if the new cranks prove popular.
I'm curious if anyone has bothered to look at the 2011 product range PDF to see if this is anything to get excited about? Other than the "cheaper to produce" Power-Torque one piece spindle the only other thing you're getting is a "double-lip seal" which I cant figure out what's better about it. They had me fooled at first with the word double so I was thinking maybe the Power-Torque has two of the "low-friction" rubber seals included with Ultra-Torque but that's not the case. It's still only one rubber seal like UT but it's slightly concave with a little dish to it at the edges. So I guess putting an extra little ripple in the rubber seal makes it double lip and hence cyclocross?
I haven't looked yet but the bottom 3 road cranks are power torque, as well as the CX cranks, which are claimed to be double sealed. Were you thinking all PT cranks were double sealed? As far as the whole range go to bike radar and velonews. Things have been refined. And SR weighs 1925g.


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