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Just wondering if anyone has tried to assemble the carbon drive on a cx?  Is it possible?  Would it work in the cross conditions?



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Spot Brand Bikes have been offering a carbon drive cx bike for a few years.

It seems to me a carbon drive would be a far superior single-speed drivetrain for cross conditions - no rust, no dropped chains.
It had better work. Once you get the belt alignment and tension correct, good to go. No maintenance, lighter weight, blah blah, marketing blah blah.

I ride in Norcal, where CX season is mostly dry. I have yet to test the belt drive in muddy filth, so can't/won't speak to that.

I've used the Spot Carbon in muddy and dry conditions with no issues. The only issue is lack of different gearing depending on course and condition. I recently sold my because of that.
You can get a variety of rear cogs or front chain/beltrings to change SS gears just like a chained bike.

20,22,24,25,28,29,32 lots of options

For the beltdrive, I have 20 and 22 rear cogs to use in a
- 50x20 which is just larger than my chained 39x16 and
- 50x22 which is just lower than my 39x17 I used last year.
@falldowngoboom - sweet ride! Is that bamboo? Or is it painted to look like bamboo?

I'm just getting into cx this year and I want to build my own bike. I'm pretty sure I want to go with a single-speed, but wasn't sure if I should go with a chain or a carbon drive. I've been hearing nothing but good on the carbon.

I'll be riding in the northern midwest, Minnesota and Wisconsin so it'll will, most often than none, be muddy, or possibly snowy.

Thanks for the replies! Keep them coming! Good luck to everyone in the upcoming season!
Yup - bamboo. Boo Bicycles, I won't get into a shameless self promotion here, the photo speaks for itself. Contact me if you want to see more blingy photos or have questions.

You probably already are way ahead of me here, but on the odd chance you've overlooked it, you MUST have a split in the rear triangle in which you can insert the belt. Usually done at the rear dropout with any variety of the "no mine's better" methods. A chain you can obviously do whatever you want, especially with an awesome SRAM powerlink on an 8 spd chain.

Everything I hear about mud/snow clearance with the belts is very positive, and I hope to test that out this season (doing my rain/mud dance now).


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