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Snapped this pic. Sick bike. My pic doesn't do it justice. I'm interested in it. Can anyone give me any info on it? The website is . Anyone riding one? Anything is greatly appreciated.



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Our team and shop has 7 of these out in the wild, the users range from beginner to several Masters with over a decade of cross under their belts. The overall reactions are that this is one of the most fun, nimble and fast cross bikes that they have ridden. They took no time at all to get used, no surprises in the handling department. The King Louie is a very cross specific frameset, it is meant to be raced and ridden fast. The all carbon frame and fork helps aid in a very light build weight (we have them from the high 15lbs range to around mid 17lbs range). Hope that helps!
Hey Joey.....I own one of these.

Built it up 3 weeks ago w/ Carroll's 38x CX wheelset & SRAM Force....(& not that weight is the most important thing)...mine is 15.7lbs w/ race-wheels.

The geometry is truely race-dedicated. Just awesome in the tight/twisty 180-degree turns......and plenty of stiffness to boot.....& huge mud-clearance, too. "Nimble" is a great word to describe it.

For anyone who's evaluating all the things that make a great (World Cup level) CX bike.......and then weighing those attributes against the bike's comparitive cost to other brands out there (and, yes, I'm pretty anal about such rare purchases).....I can't find anything else out there that came close.

And only after riding and racing on this thing has it REALLY begun to shine. Just downright impressive.

Simply put, the King Louis Cross-bike is the best kept secret out there for the $.



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