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I have a set of Alex wheels for training and a set of Velocity Escapes for racing. My brakes are the Paul Neo-Retros (mafac style). With the training wheels I don't get any squeal or chatter but with the Escapes the front screams like crazy and chatters uncontrollably. The bike is a Specialized Crux (aluminum) so I'm guessing it would just be worse with any other fork. Any idea what could be causing this? Fixes?

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Try sanding the braking surface. You may have residual glue or brake pad material which both contribute to brake chatter. Also if you are not running the fork mounted brake hanger you should.
Also, there may be a slight difference in rim width, height, or shape that causes the pads to align differently and make more noise. Check that and adjust as needed, along with the rim surface as OTR mentioned.

Then again, just use the brakes less, what could possibly go wrong?
LOL! That's not too far off since reduced braking power is one of the most often used methods to reduce squeal and chatter. Less grabbing of the rim=less chatter. I agree with the other replies for sure.
Hi guys, thanks for the input. I always readjust the brakes to the wheels using the Tacx toe-in and alignment tool so rim width shouldn't be an issue. I did take some sandpaper to the braking surface to take off any brake residue or tubular glue that might have gotten on there and it seemed to help a bit so that may have been the problem. I'll try to braking less idea next...


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