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Hi All,


The Scattante XRL Cross Frame, Fork and Headset sells for $219 flat and has some good reviews.  Is it crazy to try and build a CX bike off a set this cheap?  Unlike my Tri bike, I would like to give myself a good frame of mind that if the bike gets beat up, I'll just open a beer and so, no worries.


And oh yeah, was thinking of using a tensioner and building up a quick singlespeed.

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No, not crazy at all, as long as your expectations are inline - this probably won't be a sub-18 lb. build all said and done. The frame, I believe someone else said on a different forum, is built in the same factory as Fuji so it won't be bad. I have seen guys race Scattante CX bikes with pretty good results.

However, I've been on that end of the stick before and by the tiime you add in wheels, tires, handlebars, seatpost/saddle, all the shifty bits, cables, bartape... you'll have more into it than you think. Even if you have some of that stuff already. For example, I bought a frame and fork used, with Bontrager crank for $200 (Carpe Diem and carbon fork from an ALAN scandium model). Already had a wheelset, bars, seatpost, front and rear deraillers. Had to cranks poweder coated for $30 (them Bontrager cranks had a chrome-type plating that was prone to flaking off). CHEAP bartape was $7. Cables are $50. Saddle was $60 (through Wiggle, or it'd been $89 from a US supplier). Brifters were an eBay special for $80 (Campy Mirage, probably should have bought Veloce at least). Different cassete was $50. so now I'm a few ticks under $500 all together. You, of course, won't need brifters, so say $40 for Tektro brake levers and ... depending on the chain tensioner setup, $40-120. Wheels? Seatpost?

I'd say price out all the bits you'll need (I have no idea what you have on hand or what level stuff you want to use). If you think it's worth it then absolutely, game on!

Why do I do it? Because I *like* building up bikes, the tinkering, personalization. And because I often get suckered in thinking "hey, that's a great price on a frame..."
I have a 58 Motobecane Fantom Cross Pro frame with carbon fork sitting in my house. It has seen 6 races and some mellow road rides and it in pretty much perfect condition. It's a great frame, only got something else because I test rode a Stevens carbon cross and had to have it. I'd be happy to let it go for $150 + shipping. In fact, it still has the bars, stem, seat, seat post, brakes. (basically everything but the shifters, derailleurs, and wheels. I'll sell the package for $250 + shipping.
Thanks Hamilton. That is a great offer. I wonder if the sizing would work though.. I'm 6'3" with a 35" inseam.
I'm 6'3". You have a slightly longer inseam than me 34". At most you'd need to raise the seatpost a little. I didn't cut the fork steer tube so if you need to you could add one of the spacers back under the stem. It would make me happy to see it go to another budget conscious CXer.
do you still have your frame for sale? I would like to see pictures if you do
Yes, it's still available. I'll see if I can get some pics up tonight.
Buy a cheap SS, like the Specialized singlecross, build a new wheelset (old ones become pit wheels) then just ride the hell out of it and replace what breaks.


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