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Chinese carbon cyclocross frame model list - info and geometry

Chinese carbon cyclocross frame models  - most found here:

Chinese carbon cyclocross frame models (most found here: Wholesale carbon cyclocross -rims -wheels - Buy Low Price carbon cyclocross -rims -wheels Lots on - I am interested if anyone has geometry info on any of these, I am especially concerned with the steep seat tube problem on the Dirty Disco, with folks not being able to get their seats set far enough back to avoid knee pain. I am also wondering is any frame has a 60cm effective top tube (probably not). I am also concerned with too much flex on the larger size frames, so is anyone has experience with that please chime in.

I am pretty sure that this is a complete list, but if not add to it.

AC024 or MC024 - Disc brake (Dirty Disco frame mold)

AC043 or MC023 - V-brake (November and Van Dessel frame mold)

FM059 - Disc brake

FM058 - V-brake

AC098 or MC098 - Disc brake

YS-FMCX-01 - V-brake

FF-R014 - Disc brake

BVC-7009 - Disc brake

BVC-7007 V-brake

 - last 2 found here:

Pedal Force CX2 - V-brake


FM059  geometry:

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If y'all hop on over to, there's usually a group buy of some flavor or another going on



I know the pricing looks attractive and I had spent many hours looking over the Hongfu and a few others. However I urge you to read Rick Vosper's commentary:

And Rick really, really does know what he's talking about. He's worked for Specialized for quite some time and then helped Airborne get up and running (in thier latest incarnation).


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