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anyone know where to get a set?  are they even making this size still??

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From what I can tell the newer 33 is wider than 33. I have my doubts the size was actually changed between the two.

yea it's kinda weird.  after searching google, i found references to a 34c but from 2010 and early 2011.

most of the e-tailers only have the 33c listed.  i ended up purchasing from Niagra via Amazon of what was advertised as a 34c and received the 33c's. 

not a super big deal, but i'm a clyde and any extra girth would help.  i'll probably roll these and if i like them, try to get some 34s when they wear down.

If it helps any, many of these "33c" tires were found to be over legal width at the CX Masters Worlds this past week. I measured a pair at 34 even though they're labeled 33. I wouldn't worry much about the difference.

thanks, chris.

yea that's what i've researched as well.

they are already bigger than the small block 8 35c i currently have. 


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