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Newb to CX and just moved to NH.  I am riding a Crux EVO from last year with OEM 700cx38 Trigger Sports (I also have a set of Tracer Pros 700x33c that my old LBS recommended for my hybrid) and as the weather is getting ready to change AND I've found some great MTB trails to work on my handling I think I may need a more all-around tire.

What recommendations are there for all-around clinchers?  What about for the winter?


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Tracer is an all-around I believe (least tread to most: Trigger, Tracer, Terra in the Spec line).  Tracers look like they should clear mud decently well.  What aren't you liking about them?  If Spec isn't tickling your fancy, look at the   Vittoria XG, Challenge Grifo and Fango, Schwalbe Racing Ralph, Michelin Mud 2, etc. as pretty widely used all-arounders. 

Oh, and do yourself a favor and pick up some latex tubes to help significantly reduce the possibility of pinch flats. 

Thanks Kris! No complaints so far, but I am a super-novice to riding off-road or on a cross track (2X on a cross track where I just moived).  I'll swap my tires and ride the tracers at the local trails and see how it goes.  I was soendering about latex tubes...thanks for the advice!

Rode my 700x33c Tracer Pros today at about 35 psi (for reference I clock in at 220#/100 kgs).  I took my Crux out to the local MTB trails. I THINK they grabbed better and handled better in dirt and gravel. I rode up a fire road climb 2X and did not feel much slippage and they seemed super-stable.  Tomorrow I am going to drop the pressure to just under 30 psi to see how they ride.  Now if I can crack the code of riding the single-track stuff laden with roots (up and down).

Nice Tim.  If you don't already, good a good tire pressure guage and keep experimenting with slight psi changes.  Might help to carry a small hand pump with you as well. 


You've got about 50 lbs on me and I can run clinchers under 30 lbs (better with latex tubes), but find they start to really squirm when I get too close to 25 (same for tubulars I'm finding).  So keep testing.  Good luck.

Thnx Kris.  I have a frame pump on my bike and a digital pressure gage (that does not go out with me...too many falls).  Next ride I am going to drive to where I bike (its close so I usually ride) and bring my pump and guage and do circuits at different pressures.

The lowest I'ver gone was about 17 psi on my 700x38c tires, but I am not sensitive enough to know how that felt.  All was good today short of exceeding my handling skills several times.

Hi Timmy, 

I have a cheap one like this. It's been just as accurate as my SKS gauge and survived plenty of abuse.

Have fun!

Thnx Jeff. I have a Topeak.  For as much as I seem to decide to dismount late (and fall) a cheap option is a good call.

33c Tracer Pros rode pretty good around 30 psi yesterday. I think I felt them slide a little but not much.  At 25 psi I pinch flatted them.  I think around 30-35 psi is the sweet spot for those, at least on th eMTB trails I've been riding.  Today I am taking them out to the local 'cross track my LBS uses for clinics and practice.

Fail Today on cross track. Pinch flat at 35 psi. Spare repaired tube not repaired well enough. Back to the drawing board. Maybe 33c and 40 psi.

Type of tube?  Butyl or latex?

Standard Butyl tubes lightly coated in baby ppwder. Yesterday I went back out on new tubes and rode for an hour at 50 and 45 psi with no issues and what I thought was fair to good traction.  Headed back out to MTB trails today to see how they do at 45 and and 40 psi.

Do yourself a favor and get yourself some latex tubes.  They are 3X the price, but seriously reduce your chance of pinch flats. 


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