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Newb to CX and just moved to NH.  I am riding a Crux EVO from last year with OEM 700cx38 Trigger Sports (I also have a set of Tracer Pros 700x33c that my old LBS recommended for my hybrid) and as the weather is getting ready to change AND I've found some great MTB trails to work on my handling I think I may need a more all-around tire.

What recommendations are there for all-around clinchers?  What about for the winter?


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Will do Kris..I mentioned that to my LBS guy and he REALLY did not like latex.  His opinion was that they are more likely to puncture/rupture, so I bought regular butyl tubes.

I'll grab some latex tubes next and see how that goes.

Latex tube recommendation was right on. Also, you can remove the valve core and add about an ounce or two of sealant (such as Stan's, CaffeLatex, etc.) This way you could pinch the tube and still keep riding, but if the pinch is a bigger tear than it might not seal. 

Sweet.  Thanks.  I'll grab some next time I am at LBS..pretty sure they carry them.

Timmy, your LBS guy doesn't understand the different properties latex brings to the table then.  It does take a bit more care and handling during install but, nothing crazy.  Latex is typically what is used inside tubulars (every high end race tire has them except the Clements, which are vulcanized and don't use a tube, we are talking $100+ tires).  They use them for a reason.  They stretch and conform significantly better than butyl.  So a pressure that might cause a butyl tube to pinch (because it isn't able to stretch enough to avoid the rim impact cutting a hole in it) should not pinch a latex tube.  I've been able to run latex tubes in clinchers to the point where the tire is squirming on me and folding over, without pinching.  YMMV, but they are a relatively inexpensive option. 

Great advice, Kris. While I shied away from latex initially, your observations are spot on.

Currently running that set up (with a bit of sealant) in a PDX front/ Slant Six rear combo and can lower the pressure to where I can really rail corners. Currently no desire to go to tubulars.

Great...I have 3 LBS's and I'll bet the one that is really into cross will have a different take.  I"m going stop by there today if I have time to grab 3 tubes.


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